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    The Will to Create


    Liberalism is dead

    It's time to drop the word liberal from our vocabulary or challenge those who apply it inappropriately. Once liberals chose statism as the route to promote their worldviews, liberalsim began dying, and now it's dead. I want to state first that I've never thought of liberals as bad people. People who choose statism aren't necessarily bad people. I think there are good people who work in government, and there are good people who call themselves liberals. It's not so much about personalities as it is principles.

    When good people work in government, it's the systems that create bad results, not that government is filled with people who are incompetent. Yes, there are incompetent people in government, but it's government systems that fail to make them better or move them to positions better suited to the talents or to fire them. Government was never intended to do all the things that government now does, like the VA failure. Good people enter government with the purpose of doing good work, then when systemic failures become evident, there's a defensive posture to protect the particular agency or program. If unions are involved, the problem is compounded if union bosses are bureacrats who survive only through power and rules which make it difficult to fire those who aren't functioning or to end programs or agencies that no longer work or are no longer needed.

    Liberalism began as movement among people to limit government power so that people could work together to make things better for all, not just the elite. In America, liberalsim started shifting in 20th century from limited government and economic liberty to statism. Liberals thought that if they could create a benevolent government made up of young, intelligent technocrats, they could design a better world. They had noble goals, but when government systems took on a life of their own, and when good-intentioned individuals involved with these system began rationalizing the failures and attacking their critics.




    Since at least the 60s, with perhaps a short awakening in the 80s, Americans have mostly been irresponsible, superficial, ignorant and un-serious. It's great to be carefree at times, to be whimsical and edgy, to let it all hang out, to be satirical and funky and silly and light-hearted, etc, etc, etc. I mean, it was easy to become victims of our success. Americans created something great, but then lost sight of what it takes to maintain a free society and to protect individual rights.

    Americans have become too politically dumb and irresponsible to survive as a "free" people. Actually we're no longer free in the true sense of the word, yet, of course, we have more freedom than people in China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Venezula, Cuba -- hoorah for us. We're steadily losing freedom as we become more politically and economically ignorant and irresponsible. Americans have become more politically knowledgable in the last six years, because a stagnant economy and long term unemployment and underemployment grabbed the public's attention, but there are still way to many people without a clue. The problem is that too few Americans know why the economy is stagnant or why unemployment is high.

    Many still blame George Bush. Some blame Obama. There are some (many?) who don't know the economy is bad. We can blame a large part of political ignorance and irresponsibility on public education. A true delineation of limited government versus interventionism isn't taught in public schools, and if it is it's weighted heavily on the side of interventionism in the great majority of schools including higher education. Students aren't taught the difference between Austrian economics and Keynesian economics. There's no true critique of how Democratic/Evolutionary Socialism has influenced American government and is now accepted in the form of Progressivism. Public schools don't teach kids how the Republican and Democratic Establishment have built a statist system that expands government's power and control. Kids aren't taught the nuances of Left and Right in American politics. Libertarianism and it's unique history are not taught. Public schools teach a superficial, and sometimes twisted, history of government and politics, and they promote government in terms of Progressive accomplishments.

    Ask the average high senior what interventionism, in terms of government and politics, means to them and you'll get a blank stare. Ask the average college sophomore to describe the pros, cons and nuances of a free market, as compared to statist interventionism, and you'll get gobbledygook. Very few Americans, relatively speaking, can speak intelligently on matters of governance, politics or economics. They can't speak intelligently on these matters because they don't know much about them. That doesn't stop people from commenting on these subjects. In the Internet Age we witness Americans' ignorance by their comments online in political arguments.

    It's fashionable among intellectuals now to disdain ideology, thus, it's parrotted by mush-heads. Most people can't even define the word, but everyone has an ideology, whether they've consciously thought out their ideology or not. Most people have an ideology that consists of contradictory ideas, so when they get into an online debate the contradictions make them look foolish. In online debates it becomes obvious quickly that political ignorance is widespread. All you had to do was watch the interviews with activists involved with Occupy Wall Street -- it was painful to listen to young people talk as if they were experts when in fact they came off as foolish beyond belief. Hardly any of the activists possessed any historical knowledge related to the issues they raised -- public education failed to prepare them to intelligently discuss their pet issues.

    How do we survive this ignorance, especially when our society has been politicized and so many ignorant Americans find their way to voting booths? Everything has been politicized, but hardly anyone understands political philosophy. All that matters is who wins and controls. As long as the bad guy Republicans lose, right? In minority communities you have voters led to the voting booths with no understanding why they're voting for the Democratic Party except that some community leader told them it's best for people of color to vote for the Democratic Party. It doesn't matter that minorities are worse off under Progressive government -- it only matters that Democrats win. How can we survive this ignorance and base political manipulation? Black and Hispanic leaders are making good livings by performing for the Democratic Party, then, once the Democratic politicians are in office, they ignore their constituents, or they send them some hand-out believing that this seals the relationship. Individuals in inner city ghettoes need education and good jobs, but Democrats haven't provided any leadership to create the enviornment where this can happen. Democrats protect teachers' unions who block quality education. Democrats promote policies that cowtow to rich liberals who think they're saving the world by dismantling capitalism and pushing policies that stagnate the economy, yet these policies are killing minorities, figuratively and literally. When poor people are stuck in ghettoes, crime is rampant, and crime produces violence, and violence produces early death and imprisonment.

    Poor people need access to private education which isn't controlled by unions. Poor people need serious leaders who'll tell them the truth about government and economics and politicians. Then poor people have to understand that their fate is in their own hands, and dependence will lead to societal breakdown hurting them, the poor, the most. These things aren't taught. No, those who know better keep the poor in ignorance so they can manipulate them, especially to vote for the Democratic Party. None of this, though, is a case for voting Republican. The GOP establishment is no better. This is not about political parties. The answers we need won't come from more government, as Reagan said -- answers will arise with less government. It's obvious that the Democratic Party and the GOP establishment have failed, yet there are few responsible adults moving beyond political parties to find answers in a free market. We should all be talking as if it's a foregone conclusion that interventionist, progressive, statist government  and Keynesian economcis have to go, yet very few are standing up and speaking clearly about real limits on government power and the establishment of a free market.

    Republican moderates are actually proposing that Republicans compromise with a Democratic Party that has completely failed. Compromise? Why? All Americans should call for the ouster of all Progressives and GOP dealmakers from political positions. If the Democratic Party can't cleanse its own party, then the Democratic Party shouldn't be trusted with any political power. Private sector voices are needed to demand the reversal of the politicization of America. When Media sources suggest Hillary Clinton is a powerful woman who deserves serious consideration for President, and when Media express interest in her upcoming book, as if this book will tell us something important, then Media are nothing but jesters in the King's court. We're told that Media controls political outcomes, but, with enough resistance from informed private citizens, Mainstream Media will move to the background as we choose alternative forms of media that seek objectivity and truth.

    What is responsbility? It's not just a response to stimuli. Responses can be irrational or emotional and violent. No, we need reason, honesty, persistence, knowledge, seriousness. Serious, rational adults have to take charge of their lives and reject government interventionism. Nothing will change in the political realm without pressure from the private realm. There's no need for violent uprisings -- it'll be enough if responsible individuals stand up and say now is when it changes. Time-honored principles are required to inspire radical change. Our nation will deteriorate if we continue the slide into ignorance, superficiality and irresponsibility. Government can't divide us to conquer us if we don't allow it to do so. Poor people aren't to blame -- gays aren't to blame -- Hispanics aren't to blame -- capitalists aren't to blame -- white men aren't to blame. The blame rests with a powerful State bent on expanding power, and a nation of individuals who lost sight of individual rights and allowed government to capture education, healthcare, energy, agriculture, finances, housing, and practically every other concern that touches our lives. We can all share in the blame, and we can all share in solutions.


    The Collective

    This is not a new problem. It was not even a new problem when Orwell wrote about it. Now it's become acceptable to perceive the individual as subordinate to the collective. No one much wants to argue for individualism. Public education and media have pounded the collective narrative into the mushy skulls of kids for decades now. Those kids have grown up and have grandkids. As always, though, the political realm is the main purveyor of the narrative.

    The idea of the collective is necessary to promote State security, stability, and, above all, social justice. I've written often about the growth of special interest groups. In today's political realm the special interests which are socially acceptable are politically correct. In other words, if you are in a group that promotes women's rights, gay rights, environmentalism, civil rights, welfare, entitlements and other aspects of progressivism/modern liberalism, you have a special relationship with rights. Privileged whites, capitalists and such, are not considered a legitimate part of the collective or protected special interest groups. In most instances, if you're a white male who's relatively successful, and if you're not an apologetic progressive who renounces your privilege and promises to work tirelessly for progressive causes, you're the enemy. You're a part of the Koch brother society that takes from and blocks the progress of the poor and oppressed.

    We can no longer perceive the concept of individual rights. There must be special rights for some and others must sacrifice parts of their rights for the good of the politically correct collective. No one thinks twice if government intervenes and violates the rights of the enemy. Although the enemy of the protected collective doesn't solely consist of white males, the largest part is made up of white males -- however, successful black males like Herman Cain or Justice Thomas would be considered the enemy, or successful black women like Condoleeza Rice or Mia Love. 

    The politically correct are valued for who they are as members of the non-privileged class. This privilege or non-privilege is detemined by economic value, race, in large part, and opportunity. The narrative states that white males are privileged by birth because of historical events which led to a white majority. Whites have more advantages naturally because whites control money and the economy. Large corporations are mostly controlled by whites, and white males at that. It's confusing at times, because a successful gay, white male can gain acceptance in the collective, if the gay, white male is vocal about the bigotry of most straight white males. A black male who's poor or middle class can get a pass if he doesn't like gays, because the black male's identity as a minority in the politically correct collective overrides any bigotry he may express as an individual. A successful white male can gain acceptance in the collective if, say, he's a progressive/liberal like Warren Buffett and he's doing good for progressive causes.

    It's only when white males express their individuality and think freely, resisting the collective movement to subjugate everyone under the power of the State, that they become true enemies, and, anyone, whatever race, male or female, gay or straight, who aids the enemy, becomes an enemy, so political pressure is always constant towards joining the collective and remaining politically correct. Once you're against the enemy, and the political party associated with the enemy, the Republican Party, then you have more flexibility to express yourself in various ways, even bigoted ways, without any backlash from media or government. As an example, look back at how Harry Reid described Obama pre-2008, as articulate, clean, with no negroe dialect, or whatever it was he said to that effect. Media and his colleagues gave him a pass, yet if Donald Trump or a Kock brother had said it, they would have been tarred and feathered. It's quite amazing how we've allowed progressivsim to inflitrate our society and collectivism to have its way. Poor, dumb Americans don't know where they're being led.


    It's too late

    I've held out hope that enough Americans still value liberty and individual rights to change the current interventionist system of government. Hardly anyone thinks about liberty or individual rights anymore -- they're just empty words that have the same effect on most Americans as justice, honor, honesty, etc. Way too many Americans are braindead. I'm afraid my hope was baseless. There are simply too many uninformed, apathetic, submissive Americans who have no idea what's happening, and they don't appear to care what's happening to the country as long as they can get through their dull days without much stress.

    Even many of the informed among us aren't serious people. Media sources are filled with educated men and women who care only about partisan politics, group identity and State power. Smart, informed politicians go to DC and like Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid stay for decades building political feifdoms for the sake of power and privilege. Government agencies take on lives of their own, resisting oversight and supervision. Government grows more and more tenacles, reaching out to every nook and cranny of our concerns. When government violates individual rights, there's no one, no entity to punish the violations.

    Our military is controlled by a handful of government officials and corporate rent-seekers and involves America in interventions the America people know nothing about. The Fed controls the money supply and no one knows what it does or how it does it -- the Fed can't be audited. The Fed is a secret institution managing international finances and only a few are curious and concerned about it's structure or motivations.

    The Tea Party formed because government was getting out of control, yet after 7 years government is even more out of control. Obama makes changes to laws on his own and Congrees stands by while some complain a bit -- oh well, elections have consequences, right? No one with the capability does anything to stop the power grabs or to punish the corruption. Veterans die because government healthcare is a failure like education and the post office and everything else the government tries to control, yet nothing is done. Nothing. Obama is going to study the problem, even though he was informed of VA failures 6 years ago.

    Americans stand by while government regulates everything we do or think about doing. It's too late. Congratulations, you have the government you always wanted. So long as they don't outlaw rap or video games or cool coffeeshops we'll be fine.



    The Global Bubble

    China is dependent on the US, the US is dependent on Fed financial manipulation and low cost producers, Europe is dependent on Germany, Russia is dependent on oil, as is the Mideast, and Africa is dependent on the goodwill of other nations. It's one thing to acknowledge interdependencies among nations in the global economy, but there's not enough real production, innovation and sustainable economic growth to support this flimsy, global power structure that's held together by the weak agreements of a few big and powerful nations.

    When countries like the US, Germany and Russia begin teetering on economic arrangements that can quickly fall apart at any time, they're no longer a source of trust. Surreal US debt is allowed only because of our potential and many resources, but, if government policies continue to strangle our economy, soon there will be no trust in the US economy. Maybe this is designed to balance global power. If it is, our future is not any brighter just because strangling the economy is a conscious strategy. Most Americans can't fathom why American leaders would participate in a plan to strangle our economy, but the UN has planned this for a long time, as they waited for a pliant US government to buy into the plan.

    I don't think it all started with the Obama administration. From Wilson to Obama, US leaders have participated in power balancing, either through aid, resdistribution, or the IMF or the World Bank -- even with military interventions and CIA operations in developing nations. Now the EPA is one of the main tools to balance power as regulations place heavy burdens on US companies with which most foreign companies don't have to contend. As government takes over healthcare, we become more social democratic and less an economic, capitalist powerhouse (we've never experienced real capitalism, though, just a modified form that was powerful as it was but could've been more incredible if left alone). Other countries are fine with our debt, as it is, as long we now share power with nations like China and India and Brazil. China will build cheap goods and sell them to us with the money we've borried from them. I guess it's a good relationship for some, as long as it lasts.

    What's missing in the global economy is dynamism and free market innovation. There are technological advancements in gadgets and internet businesses, but hardly anything to do with real production. Six years after a recession, if the economy had been allowed to adjust and throw off malinvestments, we should be experiencing something similar to the Roaring Twenties, but we have high unemployment, high gas prices, high food prices, artificial interest rates that keep us from sinking, a housing market that hasn't recovered, national confusion, distrust and doubt regarding healthcare and coming regulations -- this is not anything like it should be if there wasn't a concerted effort to strangle the economy.

    We have no way of knowing what drives all the government interventions, but we do know the interventions are stagnating our economy and needlessly causing economic pain. What's happening in the US hurts poor people the most, as always, and our government appears satisfied with increased government dependency. This has to stop. It's time to get back to the business of America -- business. Business, good jobs and wealth creation enable all other pursuits of happiness. It's hard to pursue happiness when you're trapped in a welfare camp with high, barbed, government fences preventing escape.