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    No labels -- no vision

    The above link is to the No Labels site and speaks to their approach. Below is quote from their Declaration.

    We believe that together we can make the future better and brighter — and give us what we all deserve — a government and a political system that works — one driven by shared purpose and common sense

    If you read what's on the site, you'll realize that this is a modern, centrist liberal movement -- I haven't taken the pledge, so I can label it as such. It combines partial free market rhetoric with statist rhetoric.  

    These are excerpts from around the site:

    We are united by our shared purpose and our common interests – and our longstanding values.

    Americans deserve a government that makes the necessary choices to rein in runaway deficits, secure Social Security and Medicare, and put our country on a viable, sound path going forward.Americans support a government that works to spur employment and economic opportunity by encouraging free and open markets, tempered by sensible regulation.

    Americans want a government that empowers people with the tools for success – from a world-class education to affordable healthcare – provided that it does so in a fiscally prudent way.

    No Labels intends to unite Republicans, Democrats and Independents with a simple, single idea -- our leaders need to work together to do what government was intended to do: solve problems.  No Labels is not a political party nor aspires to be one, our focus is on building a broad citizen movement, not running any one individual for office.

    Only until our leaders put the labels aside can we have confidence in them to make the right decisions for our nation.

    No Labels claims to be a new voice, but it's an old voice. From the beginning of politics centrists have tried to join opposing ideas into the perfect mixture. Statism is in a broad sense the rule of the few over the many. You can put labels aside, but it doesn't change our system of government which has broken free of limitations. This is something which I didn't read on No Labels -- a call to strictly limit government and to separate government from the economy. They talk about empowering people, but by working through government to solve problems -- they want a government which will, putting labels aside, find solutions to our problems. This tells you all you need to know, and despite their prohibition of labels, anyone who calls for a separation of government and economy will be labled an "ideologue".

    Look at this quote again:

    "No Labels intends to unite Republicans, Democrats and Independents with a simple, single idea -- our leaders need to work together to do what government was intended to do: solve problems."

    Our government wasn't intended to solve problems, unless those problems relate to it's limited functions of defending our borders, protecting our rights and settling disputes in courts of law -- government wasn't intended to provide education and healthcare or solve all our social and economic problems .

    The people supporting this movement, if they believe what's stated on the site, represent a proposed statist solution to the extremes of left and right, but not a new proposal -- this mixture of classical liberalism and statism is what killed classical liberalism starting at the end of the 19th century -- it was a conservative reaction to the growing energy of the free-est market we had known. In an act of perversion, this conservatism, protecting/conserving a Merchant-State, morphed into modern liberalism -- No Labels is the current conservative reaction to a faction of the public and their call for a limited government and a free market. I call it "conservative" because it's conservative in the sense it wants to maintain the status quo of statism, dressed up in a proposal for non-partisan, practical, government solutions and economic nationalism.

    I'm glad we now have No Labels speaking for our shared values and common purpose. The beauty of America is that we have diverse values and interests and many purposes -- all we need from government is to protect our freedom to live our values according to our individual purpose and interests, as long as we are not preventing anyone from doing the same.


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