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    Morning Joe 1/18/2011

    I can now watch Morning Joe for only 30 minutes at a time, but it's worth suffering through that 30 minutes to keep in touch with media's descension into the abyss. The treat this morning was Carl Bernstein, the one-story wonder from decades back who is barely able to hold himself together these days. Watching Bernstein, you get the impression he'll be arrested naked one day in downtown NY trying to convince the police he's the mayor.

    Joe Scarborough should be warned by his producers that heated rhetoric concerning Sarah Palin can  set off unstable blowhards like Bernstein, causing the death of innocent ratings. Before Bernstein came on, Scarborough and Mika were doing their morning marginalization routine aimed at Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. It's interesting -- Mika suffers from Palin-envy and Scarborough suffers from Beck-envy -- it's a cute but sad combination, especially considering how their ratings are so far below Beck and Fox, along with their book sales. They concentrate a lot on how much Palin and Beck make with book sales and speeches and such -- it just isn't fair.

    But, back to Bernstein -- this anti-Palin talk set off Bernstein, and to such an extent even Scarborough had to pull him back before clothes started flying and Bernstein took the next irreversible step into LooneyTown. Bernstein called Palin "ignorant" and got stuck on the crosshairs deal. Bernstein, if he ever had any orginality, is so bereft of originality he borrows talking points from the rest of the media, then he adds his own delusions, which I suppose, to be fair, could be called original. Bernstein said he knew 2 days after Palin was chosen by McCain as his VP running mate that she's "ignorant". Part of his proof was the Katie Couric interview which happened later than two days after the Palin pick. Bernstein said that Palin didn't know where Russia is on the map. The camera showed other guests putting their heads down in embarrassment for Berntein, or they were making sure they weren't looking his way if the clothes started coming off.

    The Morning Joe show is indicative of the media decline -- from the NYT to Morning Joe, it's one hot mess, I tell ya. Then, the Morning Joe crew switched to how Obama is politically shrewd for making goo-goo eyes at the business community and how this will lead to Obama's lock on re-election. Before, when Scarborough was criticizing Glenn Beck for being "extremist" and saying the right as a whole is "extreme", he said he couldn't understand why they weren't playing it "politically safe". Does Scarborough think that Obama went to Hawaii and found his inner-libertarian? If Scarborough didn't talk so loud, so often and so much, he might be able to quietly reflect on how the "extremism" from those sick of the statist agenda has pushed Obama to pretend he's pro economic freedom and tough on useless regulations. It was only a few months ago that Obama was excoriating "Fat Cats" and pushing for more regulations, on top of all the regulations which haven't yet filled out the structures of the healthcare and finance "reform". Obama, though, is definitely playing it politically safe, now.

    I think Scarborough squints a lot because he's near-sighted. If he would wear his glasses more often, he might see that political strategy is not the be all and end all of political commentary or action -- then Scarborough might ne able to move up to the Big Leagues with Beck and talk about much bigger concerns and more lasting movements. Obama is a contract employee, and whether he's re-elected or not, his time is limited, yet America has long term concerns -- Obama is being pushed to the right because progressivism/statism is failing. To be honest, Obama is insignificant when we look at long term concerns. When you separate Hollywood and Washington D.C. and look at the threatening economic problems caused by government intervention through the years, you realize that our directon has to change if we're going to avoid financial collapse and loss of credibility in the international community. Plus, the real unemployment rate is around 20%. Classical liberal ideas have never been needed more than they are needed now, but what does the media do? They act as if re-electing Obama is a major concern, and they still believe that Bernstein is someone with something relevant to say. Is the media a hot mess? You betcha.

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