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    Is Rick Perry for real

    I'm hearing that people in Texas say Perry is a changed man from the political, Big Government opportunist I have believed him to be. I'm willing to admit I might have misread him. Perry should come out with his overall political views so that we can get a good idea of what kind of President he would be.

    Will Perry bog us down further in foreign interventions? This, to me, is one of the biggest issues facing Republican candidates. Who will develope a doctrine fit for the 21st century -- one which keeps America out of foreign entanglements?

    Does Perry believe in limited government, and not just limited to prohibition of Leftist statism, but also prohibition of Rightist statism? Is Perry prepared to anger many on the Right by stating that government has no business regulating marriage? Will Perry call for an end to all corporate welfare? Will Perry fight to reform taxes so that they are not burdensome or skewed toward those with the wherewithal to hire expensive tax attorneys?

    Will Perry explain the reality of entitlements to the American people and challenge insurance companies to come up with comprehensive plans to replace the government safety net for middle class and wealthy Americans? Will Perry call for a transition from the welfare state to private assistance? Will Perry at least eliminate the DOE? Further, will Perry propose a transition from public to private education, calling on industry to committ to helping kids who whose families can't afford private fees?

    Will Perry fight to remove all wealth killing regulations that block economic progress? Will Perry propose a separation of State and Economy?

    Will Perry explain to the Religious Right that religion is personal and government is a secular matter established mainly to protect individual rights and freedoms, especially civil liberities? Will Perry make it clear that he won't use government as a moral enforcer to socially engineer the moralist's preferences for behavior if that behavior is not coercing anyone else to follow?

    Will Perry follow through and challenge the Fed to open its books and call for a full investigation of Fed actions in the economy and dealings with foreign banks?

    These are a few questions that would help clear up the question of whether Perry is a fraud or the real deal.

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