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    Morning Joe 10/23/2012 -- Obama arrogant and mean-spirited

    Of course the Morning Joe crew gave Obama the win in the debate, but that means absolutely nothing -- it's like a mother always giving their child the win in any contest the child enters regardless of how the child performs. The problem with biased reporting is that credibility is lost and no one pays attention to the analyses. I watched most of the debate and Obama appeared mean-spirited. I think Obama's team knows that they are losing, and given the mean-spirited nature of Plouffe, Axelrod and practically all of Obama's operatives, getting mean and nasty is all they know. It looked like Obama had been told he has to destroy Romney's image of a good guy, that all the trash they've already thrown out to destroy Romney hasn't buried him so they must throw more trash.

    I'm not sure what winning by points means, but this is how the MSM describes Obama's wins -- it must mean that Obama has to win in their narratives so they will give him extra points to call it a win. Romney always looks like a better choice whenever they are compared, and Romney revealed his real self last night by assuring the nation we've had enough war. Romney told Obama he can't kill his way out of the mideast bogs. This is true. Romney will maintain a strong defense, and Romney will project strength abroad, but Romney will not be a war Presdient. It's time to turn back to our economy and let the private sector create economic recovery. The long national nightmare of social democracy, statism and political wars has finally brought much of the American public to awareness. We have to change our direction.

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