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    Obama said limited government and economic freedom don't work

    It was about a year ago in Kansas that Obama gave his speech claiming that free market principles have never worked. Is there any wonder that our economy is stalled with a President in power who ridicules limited government and economic freedom? Obama characterized limited government and economic freedom as rugged individuals claiming that markets can do everything, just lower taxes, especially on the rich, and remove regulations and let her rip. Obama told his audience that this simple theory is appealing, but the only thing wrong with it is it doesn't work. It didn't work before FDR and it's never worked, Obama defiantly proclaimed.

    Americans have to decide if we believe in limited government and economic freedom or not. There really is no choice in 2012 if you are someone who believes that government shouldn't intervene in the economy, because a vote for Obama is a vote for more intervention. Businesses of all sizes have let it be known that they aren't hiring and expanding because they don't know what's coming next from government nor do they know how much it will cost. The Left has tried to refute this by saying that there's no evidence government interventions have stalled the economy. The Left says the problem is demand, and that government must do more to stiimulate demand. Obama has poured billions upon billions of taxpayers' dollars into the economy to stimulate demand, and it hasn't worked. It has made the problem worse by increasing the debt. This is the same analysis of FDR's interventions by revisionist economic historians -- FDR's interventions prolonged the depression causing suffering to last a lot longer than it should have lasted. Japan's interventions into its big recession caused the recession to linger for more than a decade.

    The choice regarding the economy in 2012 is between statist intervention in the economy or economic freedom. Which do you trust?

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