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    George Will promotes a libertarian GOP

    I've always likeed George Will because he's an honest intellectual, although I've disagreed with him many times. I've never disagreed greatly with Will, though, because I've understood his nuances, and when he says the GOP should "tilt" toward the libertarian side, I understand he means "tilt", and it's not a full-throated endorsement of libertarian principles, but this is a great endorsement nonetheless.

    While David Frum and Centrists are doing goofy things like trying to demonize Rush Limbaugh and to build a statist coalition of social cons, neo cons and Centrist cons, actually praising the populist message of Rick Santorum, a faction on the Right is growing in honest influence without pandering and lying to social cons and neo cons that they would be valuable allies with their present ideologies. It's a straightforward message from libertarians, and Will sees the value in the message.

    The libertarian message tells social conservatives that social issues belong in the free market of ideas in which persuasion can be used to bring people around to certain points of views or religious doctrines. This doesn't lead to an immoral nation -- it leads to a free nation where grownups can have serious conversations about morality and religion and aren't forced to behave like children by Big Daddy government. The libertarian message tells the neo cons that America can no longer be the Global Police, and the foreign entanglements are violations of  other nations' sovereignty. It's understood without a doubt that we need a strong military capable of addressing all 21st century threats to national security, but lingering in Afghanistan, interfering in the affairs of Pakistan and Libya and Yemen, ect., is destructive to us and the countries in which we intervene. The history of US interventions in the mideast is a history of failure, unnecessary deaths, misunderstandings, futility, hatred and blackmail. 

    The libertarian message to the country is one of peace and prosperity, non-interventionism, limited government, free market, non-coercion, charity, dynamism, cosmopolitanism, open-mindedness, non-partisanship, free trade, anti-cronyism, anti-statism, innovation and creativity. Yes, Mr. Will, I agree, tilt, tilt, tilt! 

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