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    Morning Joe 11/12/2012 -- Petraeus and the FBI, Limbaugh and Beck

    On Morning Joe today the main topic during the first segment was the Petraeus resignation regarding an affair with his biographer. The story has expanded to the initial investigation this last summer by the FBI regarding an allegedly threatening email sent from Paula Broadwell, the Petraeus biographer and apparent mistress, to another lady who had contacts with the FBI and requested an investigation which apparently led to Broadwell then to Petraeus.

    Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe pundits don't beleive that the President didn't know about the investigation until after the election, but this is the story from the White House. Scarborough thinks that the FBI overstepped boundaries and were too enthusiastic to bring down the CIA head honcho. John Heilemann counseled caution blaming the FBI of misconduct until all the facts are known. Good luck with us ever knowing all the facts, but Heilemann is right -- it's impossibile to make a judgement at this point. It's amazing how all this smoke surrounds the White House, though, yet no one ever sees a fire in the White House, and the White house always denies any knowledge of a fire.

    The Morning Joe crew also took another opportunity, and this will most likely be a constant smear campaign, to trash talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Beck. Limbaugh and Beck and the rest are being accused of lying to the base by convincing them that Romney would win. As I've written before. I listen to Limbaugh and Beck regularly, just like I listen to Maddow and Schultz and Matthews regularly, and what I heard over and over from Limbaugh and Beck is that Romney would win if the voters that could and should turn out did turn out. Republicans voters were cautioned over and over that if they take a position of apathy Obama will win. This is the reality of the talk show hosts, and Scarborough is dishonestly joining the smear campaign waged by bitter spin-meisters like David Frum who are hurt that they have no influence in the GOP. Frum looks at Limbaugh and wonders how someone who has no advanced degree, who is not part of the DC inner circle, can have so much influence. It drives Frum and Scarborough crazy, and they often mention how much money Limbaugh and Beck are making -- disgraceful!.

    Limbaugh and Beck are not the problems in the GOP. Republicans have not mounted a true opposition party in the last several decades, if they ever mounted a true opposition to statism, which I don't think they have. This is the problem. Now the Centrists want Republicans to marginalize the limited government/libertarian faction of the party by demonizing Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity then associating the limited government/libertarian faction with the "crazies" on the Right. I think I have a good idea which players are hurting the GOP, and they look like the same old establishment types that have always hurt the party and the nation. Centrists like Scarborough will give lip service to the libertarian faction of the party by calling himself a "small government" conservative, but when libertarian ideas are front and center the smears and attacks surface and the status quo is protected. The Centrists pretend to have this Reaganesque worldview, but they always push the Big Government Reagan, not the Libertarian Reagan, which was mainly rhetorical, but it inspired a lot of Americans who were later disappointed when under Republicans control government still expanded State power and enlarged the debt. The same thing is happening now. The Centrist reactionaries are beating back the libertarian faction. Ron Paul wasn't given the voice and respect he earned in the primaries. Romney and Ryan tried to bring some libertarian influence into the campaign, and this is mainly why Centrists remained cool on Romney, didn't help him win, and why Frum had an ebook ready the day after the election results describing why Republicans lost.

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