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    Chris Wallace and the Fox All-Stars

    Wallace defended Susan Rice. Charles Krauthammer said fine, if everyone wants to let Rice off the hook then let's take Obama up on his challenge and go after him since he's responsible for Rice's lies to the American people regarding what happened in Benghazi. I see it differently -- even if Rice was given bad information, that's not the end of it. Let's think about shortly after Rice goes on 5 tv news shows and repeats the same misinformation over and over. Surely, given what we now know, that the intelligence community knew it was a terrorist act from the beginning, they would would have contacted the White House and Rice informing them the information given on the five shows was false information, thus causing retractions from the White House and Rice. Instead of retractions, the same lies and misinformation were spread for awhile longer. This is scary stuff. That professionals like Wallace are still obscuring this issue is incredible. That the Left is defending Obama and Rice is pathetic.

    Later in the show, Tucker Carlson said that the US has to re-think spreading democracy, given what's happened in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood rising to power. I say the US needs to re-think interventionism period. We don't need to spread anything in the mideast. We only need to let them do what they want to do as long it doesn't threaten our national security. We need to stop intervening, and that includes intervening with billions in aid.

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