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    Romney was right

    Obama's alligator mouth made promises during the campaign that his poodle ass can't deliver, and even if he does, then he and the nation lose big time. In order to pay the unions and all other Obama supporters back for their support and follow through with promises he made for their support, Obama has to raise taxes on wealth producers by a significant amount. Obama supporters don't want anything like austerity, so real cuts in goverrnment spending are out of the question. In order to raise the revenues Obama needs, he's going to have to find several different ways to confiscate much more money from the private sector, thus killing any chance of economic recovery, plus it will likely increase unemployment and cost government even more in unemployment benefits, food stamps and rent subsidies. Obama is in a downward spiral with no way out. America can recover, but not if we allow Progressives to lead the way.

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