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    Up with Chris Hayes 11/18/2012 -- Privacy, Hamas and WalMart

    On Up with Chris Hayes, the first segment focused on the Petraeus affair and how it relates to privacy concerns. Julian Sanchez from Cato was on the panel -- Sanchez has done great work on privacy issues, and he expressed very legitimate concerns regarding the legality of the FBI's initial investigation into a complaint made by a lady in Florida regarding emails she received from an anonymous sender that warned her to stay away from General Petraeus. The lady from Florida is a familly friend of Petraeus and his wife. We now know that the FBI agent investigated the email trail and discovered that Petraeus was having an affair with his biographer, Paul Broadwell, and she was the sender of the emails. This is hardly a case for the FBI.

    David Frum was on Hayes's panel and he defended the State and claimed it's a problem of technology not State over-reach. We have much to still learn regarding who in the FBI, court system or Justice Department approved the investigation into private emails, but for Frum to make the claim that the modern State doesn't possess too much power to violate our rights to privacy is ludicrous. The only thing that was more ludicrous about what Frum said was his self-identification as a Left-Libertarian. If Frum can be considered any kind of libertarian, then libertarianism has no meaning. I got the impression that Hayes was wishing Frum would disappear, so MSNBC execs must have insisted on Frum being a part of the entire show.

    During the second segment, Frum defended Israel's defense against Hamas agression, while Hayes and his other guests pretty much see Palestinians as the aggrieved party suffering from Israeli aggression. This conflict has been going on for so long, I have no way to know which side is right or wrong. It appears that both sides have committed aggression toward the other side. It was interesting that both sides are as far from solutions as when I first started paying attention long, long ago. I have no idea why or how people live in this type of violent situation, but it appears to be the status quo. When I listen to Palestinians, I see their point, and when I listen to Israelis, I see their point.

    At the end of the program, Hayes and a new panel, except for Frum, who was still aggravating Hayes, talked about labor rumblings and worker demands at WalMart. My idea regarding this situation is rathe simple. I don't fully support the workers, and I don't fully support WalMart management. I support a free market in which there are no government policies that favor large corporations like WalMart, but also don't favor unions. In a free market, labor will have innvoative means to develope arrangements that help them succeed economically, so I call for economic liberty.

    If I read Hayes right and he believes that Frum is a frustrated authoritarian who loves State power, then I have a higher regard for Hayes than I had before.

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