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    Morning Joe 11/19/2012 -- Benghazi talking points and Republican confusion

    Morning Joe was not all that interesting during the first segment. I guess the most interesting part was where Mika and Andrea Mitchell pushed the White House narrative that Susan Rice was simply presenting the version of events in Benghazi that had been cleansed of sensitive intelligence information, and that McCain is using this opportunity to personally destroy Rice, because Rice said bad things about him in 2008. There was mild push back from others on the show, but this story seems to be acceptable to most on the Left. The lies are piling up, and the coverup is obvious, but there's a chance we've lost so much power to the State that anything can be covered up. State lies are accepted or just forgotten after the media spins a manufactured version of events and repeats it over and over.

    Can McCain and others who are pushing the Benghazi coverup and criticizing the administration for not protecting our personnel prevail in an investigation? Or, will McCain and others take too much heat from media, the WH, the CIA and the Left in general to maintain the investigation? The real question is why we have a consulate and embassy in Libya. This country is out of control and no American is safe. It does no one any good to have Americans in Libya. If the CIA is involved in covert activities, and if this is what got Stevens and others killed, then we need to know that too, because it's just more evidence that we need to stop intervening in this region. I'm sure someone like me would be scolded by CIA-types with realist rationalizations regarding why our secret army has to run secret operations -- to protect our freedom. Hmmm, the freedom-protection efforts might not be working as well as advertised by the spooky patriots. It sure looks like our secret, spooky interventions are creating more problems than they're solving. Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Israel/Gaza -- they all are one big mess putting the world at risk of widespread war. This is not to say that our secret, spooky army/non-army is responsible for the mess, but does anyone think our involvement is actually helping anything in this region?

    The Morning Joe crew also continued the Romney pile-on, which has become a political sport post-election. John Podhoretz joined a long line of Republicans and Democrats who've taken what Romney said about government gifts and spun it into Romney claiming that poor people are irresponsible moochers. Romney was talking about the trend in government that has gone on for a long, long time to win votes by making promises and providing favors. Does anyone really find this controversial? Really? The only thing about it I find incorrect is that Romney should have specifically included the GOP and Big Business, historically speaking, in this gift-giving political strategy to expand State power. Because Romney has talked about the gifts given to Big Business and Big Union before, I'm sure he meant all special interest groups, not poor individuals who would rather work at a good job. If someone doesn't speak correctly in the political sphere nowadays, the worst interpretation possible is offered, especially if the person represents the private sector economic realm. That Centrists and Leftists went straight to the poor, oppressed cartoon poster-person who's out of work to use against Romney is so petty and pathetic and representative of the dearth of intellectual debate regarding the role of government in our lives it's really sad.

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