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    Morning Joe 11/20/2012 -- Optics over principles

    On Morning Joe today we got to see upclose how politics and optics are more important in the political realm than truth and principles. The Morning Joe crew started off discussing the Benghazi situation as it relates to Susan Rice. Joe Scarborough said that although Susan Rice knew attack on the consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning, Republicans should not take this into account when considering her likely nomination for Secretary of State. The entire Morning Joe crew, Katty Kay, John Heilemann, Mark Halperin, Mika and Joe, defended Rice saying that the optics of an old white man like John McCain attempting to block a young black woman like Rice from political advancement are terrible and Republicans are crazy for following McCain down this road.

    The idea is to just drop the Rice controversy, just let it slide. When it gets to the point of holding Obama responsible, they'll say the same thing -- just let it slide. Presidents lie all the time -- it's not a good thing, but why make such a big deal over it? So what if Rice knew that what she was reading to the American people was a lie, if you spin it a little and look at it sideways with your eyes a little crossed, and if you dial your mind back a little and allow a soft humming sound to set in and block all the voices in your head telling you that government leaders shouldn't lie and then cover-up the lies, you can understand that Rice was a little right in what she said.

    And just because Rice lied to the American people, it's understandable because that is what she was told to do by the White House, see? And after she read what she wrote and the truth came out, Rice didn't have to apologize for lying because now the optics of old white men in the GOP attacking her are useful to Democrats. Scarborough said if he were President he would let this breath, hold off the nomination and allow the Republicans to go forward with their Benghazi investigation. Scarborough says the old white men will look mean and unreasonable, so it's good politics for Democrats. So, of course it's wise for Rice to not apologize -- this is politically useful as a weapon against Republicans. All this speaks wonderfully to Susan Rice's character, so she will certainly make a great Secretary of State. Hillary led the way, now Rice will take the baton and we ain't seen nothing yet.

    Nate Silver was on and Scarborough praised Silver's genius predicting the Obama win. It helps when you have inside information regarding the Democrats' unprecendented get-out-the-vote machine that worked tierelessly for three years. Everybody else was busy working or looking for a job to notice how important power over the feeding trough has become. Now Republicans have to emulate this obsession with politics, and if we saw too much in the 2012, just imagine what we have to suffer going into 2016. America is falling apart from political madness, people, but just let it slide.

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