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    Morning Joe 11/21/2012 -- More on Romney

    The Left can't quit talking about Romney and Republicans. Morning Joe had Dan Senor on, and Senor rightly called out Republicans who were on the Romney wagon until he lost, then they abandoned Romney like cowards. Democrats should move along, though, since they believe they have a mandate to govern. I would like to hear Morning Joe put forth the Progressive agenda the Left says the American people are clamoring to pass. Instead, it's just one bit on Romney and the GOP after another.

    I think the Left is anxious now that they have momentum -- they have to act. But what will they do? What can they do? The only thing that will turn around the economy is to release private sector business forces to grow the economy, coupled with a plan to cut spending significantly, but Democrats have no plan for either of these. Democrats seem to think if they can get a tax hike on the rich, they'll be sucessful. I don't hear any serious plans beyond raising taxes.

    There was a discussion regarding Israel and Hamas with Mika's dad as a guest. The Left tends to blame Israel, but this is becuase it's politically correct to support Palestinians. I support the innocent in all of this, but, realistically, Israel can't sit by and let missiles fly into its cities. If it gets down to might is right, then Israel will be right. Hamas is led by terrorists who aren't right any way you look at it, so if this is the game that is to be played, then Hamas is responsible for all civilian deaths in Gaza. History and inequities can't be sorted out while missiles are flying.

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