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    Susan Rice -- racism? Really?

    Does the MSM and the Left, even some moderates in the GOP, really believe that McCain, Graham and others in the GOP pushing the Benghazi coverup oppose Rice because they are racists and do not want to see a black person become Secretary of State? The GOP put the first black female in that position -- another Rice, Condoleeza Rice.

    I find it abhorable that media outlets like the Washington Post are using this racist angle. But blacks themselves are the most troubling group hurling the racist charge, such as some in the Black Caucus have done, because they should know more than any other group why it's abhorable to trivialize the serious offense of racism by making such superficial, politically motivated charges. The Left has accused the Right of poisoning the political arena, but it's the Left that has gone off the rail. It's pathetic, and it shows a true dearth of serious, honest thinkers on the Left.

    If this type of poisonous smear campaign continues, many, many American voters will soon regret their choices to stay home on election day. Have we reached the point that a woman or a black or a hispanic can't be criticized without charges of racism and sexism hurled automatically? That's a reversal of progress regarding equality. Equality means equal treatment, not shielded treatment due to color or gender.

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