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    On corporate welfare

    There's been a lot of talk lately about the options of raising tax rates or eliminating subsidies and tax loopholes that benefit the rich in order to raise revenues. I don't buy the premise that government needs more money, but if government is going to raise revenues, I'd rather it be through elimination of corporate welfare -- all of it. The reason for eliminating corporate welfare, though, should be so that taxpayers aren't forced to support corporations who should compete fairly in the market place rather than use government to shield them from competition.

    Both parties have to resist the rewarding practice of patriotism peddling, using fear of some vague, perpetual foreign enemy to justify the hundreds of billions over-spent in the defense industry. We need a modern army with superior weapons, and we have that many times over what we need. No one is watching defense spending, and every politician with influence is afraid of being seen as a weak dove in a time when they think the public admires tough hawks. This issue can be addressed reasonably without the advocate for defense  cuts coming across as a naive peacenik -- just show the numbers and facts -- do a complete audit on defense spending and present a full report on the findings. The public can be convinced that corporate welfare in the defense industry is out of control and must be stopped. 

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