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    Morning Joe 11/27/2012 -- Political pop culture

    Joe Scarborough makes a good living as a political entertainer pretending to be relevant. Scarborough is not the same level of entertainer that Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert or Bill Maher have become, but his morning show is a venue for political pop culture, and the fascination I find with this program is how it reveals the superficiality, dishonesty and intellectual vacuity of the political realm. We're witnessing the rotting of the political realm through a pop culture lens, with the players becoming an assortment of incompetent boobs, con artists, privileged white liberals pretending to represent the downtrodden, political wannabes, power-mongers, clueless pundits, bored socialites, jesters and crooks.

    Far away from the world of pop culture, serious, competent men and women in the private sector world of work and business, manufacturing, science and services, put their minds and talents to building, inventing, innovating, managing, creating, and maintaining on a daily basis that which allows us the perverse luxury of pop culture entertainment and supports the useless clowns, fakes and blowhards in the political class who populate shows like Morning Joe.  The sad reality though is that many of the players in the political realm have gained power over the private sector, and they've gained credibility with many poorly educated Americans who get their news from these know-nothings. The political pop culture class has waged a war on the private/business sector, and while some bad business players deserve the attacks, it's only due to their close associations with crooks in the political realm.

    As I watched Joe Scarborough perform his rodeo clown act this morning and then the pretend-serious act with a political prostitute like Dick Durbin, then everyone pretend as if something of importance happened, I realized we're watching the collapse of the political realm in real time. The political realm has decayed to the point it attracts society's worst characters who fight for attention in a make-believe world that has somehow gained power over those who work hard in real life to make the country run and function and provide the material for these parasites to feed off.

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