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    Morning Joe 11/28/2012 -- Obsessing over Susan Rice obsession

    On Morning Joe today the crew started out condemning and ridiculing John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Kelly Ayotte for not accepting Susan Rice's non-apology for the lies she told the American people on five Sunday talk shows regarding what happened during the terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi Libya. Rice did not say that when she said on the talk shows that al Qaeda has been decimated it was with full knowledge that al Qaeda was associated with the attack on Bengahzi that killed four Americans, including our ambassador Chris Stevens. Susan Rice did not tell McCain and the others that when she said the attack was a spin-off from the protest over a YouTube video that she knew full well that there was no protest before or during the attack by the terrorists. Susan Rice did not admit to McCain and the others that she is guilty of disrespecting the deaths of four Americans by spinning the attack to make Barack Obama look good right before an election. Susan Rice did not admit that she lied. Instead, the CIA person who was with her gave yet another account of who changed the talking points given to Rice, and they blamed it on the FBI -- this is the fifth account of which agency changed the story and filled it with lies.

    So, after all this, Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell, John Heilemann, Mika and a few others bravely attacked McCain and the others for not dropping the issue and moving forward. Scarborough has been taking advantage of the Republican defeat in the election to position himself as a reasonable Republican who is in touch with the American people and not obsessed with partisan bickering and silly battles, but Scarborough looks like a fool. Yes, I'm on the opposite side of any issue from McCain or Graham 9 out of 10 times, but when they are right, they are right, and here they are right. This is not about McCain and Graham -- yes they've been wrong and it would be better if journalists in media did their jobs and pushed this issue, but it doesn't matter if McCain and Graham have been wrong in the past, or even if they're using this as a political weapon, because Rice and Obama and Clinton are dead wrong and they all should be condemned for misleading the American people with lies and for disrepecting the Americans who died in the attack and their families and friends. Scarborough said there are other issues that are important in this situation -- yes, that's true, but the lies are a part of it, and Rice was in the middle of it.

    Scarborough says that the optics of McCain the old white guy picking on Rice the young black woman is politically ugly, but again, this just makes Scarborough look like a patronizing white guy who's a political animal on top of it. If Rice has any self-respect, she'll tell people like Scarborough that her race and gender have nothing to do with it, and that she can take care of herself. Scarborough can't see how degrading this is to blacks and women to suggest they are too delicate to withstand attacks for lying and spreading propaganda. MSM are not doing their jobs -- they're trying to cover up this story, or play with it a little until it dies, but they should get to the truth. Mike Barnicle brought up that Susan Collins also has problems with Rice, so good for Barnicle going against the narrative that just old white guys are concerned.

    Later in the program Larry Summers came on and the Morning Joe crew listened stupidly as Summers said that the economy is in recovery mode, that things are going much better and that the economy would be much further along in recovery if congress had not blocked Barack Obama's efforts. This is such egregious propaganda that Scarborough and the others should have been screaming at Summers about unemployment, unfunded liabilities, corporate uncertainty, the Fed pouring 40 billion a month into this rickety economy just to keep it from collapsing, Obama's blockage of energy production, etc, but they just smiled and thanked Summers for his expert report. Good Lord -- media are just a parts of the progressive State now and journalists, reporters and news people of all sorts are mere propaganda-pushers and patsies.

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