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    Morning Joe 11/30/2012 -- On second thought, maybe compromise is not so good

    Joe Scarborough was singing a different tune this morning. It happens every time. When Republicans think they are showing good faith and capitulate to revenue increases, Democrats push harder for higher taxes, promise to cut spending later and spend more now. Although Scarborough said before his main preference is to not raise taxes, he has talked about compromising by raising rates on millionaires&billionaires, and now he's surprised that Democrats see that position as an opening to get everything they want. That's all it takes for Democrats -- an opening they see as weakness.

    Democrats truly believe that the people will back them on this, and so they're forcing Republicans to name the spending cuts they want so the Democrats can demagogue the cuts with ads of old people eating dog food and such. Obama wants Republicans to name their cuts so he can campaign directly to the Little People and ask them why we want austerity when the economy is so weak. Obama will tell them that the private sector is not investing, so government has to invest, but Republicans want to cut the very spending that will actually help people in this nascent recovery.

    Obama will not tell the Little People that government policies and government spending and government interventions have caused the economic stagnation, so more of the same will only delay recovery. Republicans cannot win playing the Democratic Party game. Republicans have to stick to their principles, explain the principles to grown ups across the nation and then trust in the American people. If the American people have become so dependent on government that they can't understand the principles of limitations on power and the need for a free market, then it's over, so it's a moot point.

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