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    Hmm, it's higher than 47%

    When Mitt Roimney and others said that many Americans fell for Obama's promises that the public can have their cake and eat it too, Romney and the others were exorciated repeatedly. How dare anyone say that Americans are...moochers! Well, I agree with the CATO author who said it's not a moral issue as much as an issue of ignorance regarding government policy. Of course people vote for spending on education, Medicare, SS, Medicaid, unemployment extension, auto bailouts, stimulus, etc, especially when the political realm and media don't make a point of telling Americans that if they get the spending they'll have to pay more in taxes, hidden or in the open taxes. The American people don't have the time and energy to study these issues in depth and to know the numbers that Obama and others in DC know only so well. Perhaps the American people should know, but we can forgive them when we look at how most people have to grind out a living in this poor economy, and when we consider public education.

    Soon, Americans will be forced to acknowledge that all this spending has to be paid for and that the rich don't have enough to pay for it themselves. It's a con game and the American public has been had.

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