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    Morning Joe 12/10/2012 -- Don't cave...compromise

    Yeah. Today's Morning Joe show was a prime example of mongrel politics that obscure the true problems facing the nation. The political realm uses obscurantism to keep focus off statist failure. Statism has failed. The fact that Obama won the election shows that many Americans have been misled by the obscurantism and respond to pop culture messaging moreso than ideology. After all, the public school systems, plus media and the entire political realm, have all denigrated ideology, so that even those who understand what ideology means think of it as restrictive and associated with rightwing fanatics.

    Joe Scarborough is a prime example of an obscurantist, someone who tries to please everyone and waffles on principles when it's politically expedient. Mika, Joe, John Meacham and the rest of the gang talked about how compromise is vital to dealing with the fiscal cliff issues. They praised Obama for finally leading, and they urged Republicans to follow Bill Kristol, Bob Corker, John Boehner and other Centrists who understand the Big Picture. This is hilarious, because it's the Big Picture that the Centrists don't see or ignore on purpose.

    Scarborough says that Republicans should agree to raising the tax rate to 37% or so, but get an agreement that entitlement spending will be dealt with later. Peter Orzag was on the show and he said there's no way to get a comprehensive deal on Medicare and Medicaid, and Scarborough was silent. They agreed that certain parts of entitlement spending can be tweaked, but there is no deal to be made that will seriously reform Medicare and Medicaid.

    Scarborough asked David Schweikert on the show because, as you know, Scarborough was a real conservative like Schweikert when Joe was in congress, and Joe believes Schweikert got a raw deal when he was bumped off an important committee for going against the Centrists. If Scarborough were in Boehner's shoes and there was Centrist pressure to remove representatives like Schweikert because he was blocking a deal to compromise on tax hikes when any Medicare/Medicaid deal offered in the compromise will be bogus, Scarborough would bend to the pressure and Schweikert would be gone. I say this because Scarborough shifts on all issues when it's politically expedient.

    Centrists and political animals like Scarborough don't look at the Big Picture -- they don't look at systemic problems, connect the dots and fully assess cause and effect -- no, they act with ad hoc expediency to play the power game. Their reasons may sound worldly and sophisticated, as a Kristol might condone waterboarding if the results are beneficial to the end goal. Kristol would say that interventions in the mideast are necessary because America must play a global role to influence the turn of events unless despotic elements gain influence. But then Kristol and Scarborough and other such compromising Centrists don't acknowledge the unintended consequences and the limits to what we can do to control global events, or how our interventions are causing the problems that require further interventions. The Centrists haven't acknowledged the moral and systemic flaws in statism and foreign interventionism, because they are focused on power and control rather than the flow of liberty or true defense. They don't trust the emerging order of liberty because like the great conservatives they admire, from Edmund Burke to Buckley, they believe that elite conservative statists must benevolently guide society to better. morally superior, ends than normal people will discover through their own unguided, ignorant, self-seeking actions. The Centrists are anti-libertarian, and this is why any trace of libertarian thought or influence must be eliminated if they are to control and have their way.

    Some Centrists, like Boehner, are simply pragmatic statists, but they justify their power compromises with lofty visions of a conservative society guided by a benevolent State. In reality, the State is destroying America, and Centrists are both compromising with the destroyers and becoming the destroyers when in power. Bush was a Centrist who had to, as he told us, violate free market principles to save the freemarket. He violated free market principles and continued the destruction of what little freedom we have in the market. Obama and team have taken the destruction further, and now the GOP Centrists want to help Obama in this destruction and silence all opposition. The good news is the top 2% percent's tax rate will be higher. This is leadership we can say yes to.

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