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    Morning Joe 12/11/2012 -- 

    Joe Scarborough and other pundits on Morning Joe are continuing the critique of the Republican Party post-election. They just can't get enough of the Monday morning quarterbacking, priding themselves on 20-20 vision looking back. Everything Republicans do now to harshly criticize Democrats is seen as Limbaugh-style Republicanism, but what they're really saying is that the establishment Republicans must take control.

    Yesterday Scarborough made fun of those who called the recent jobs numbers what they are. It was amazing how Scarborough ridiculed Republicans who said that the lower unemployment rate was due to people leaving the workforce. Scarborough said sometimes you just have to take good news and math and accept it for what it is. That's what the critics of the job report were saying, though, the facts and math are that employment is not getting better -- it's getting worse as 350,000 workers dropped out of the workforce. Scarborough obviously would rather live in Democrat fantasy world so he's seen as cooperative and enlightened.

    This morning Scarborough said radio talk show hosts and bloggers don't understand Hayek and Friedman. This is amazing since Scarborough has promoted policies and compromises that Hakek and Friedman would oppose. The crew talked about manufacturing jobs coming back to America, but that they are lower pay than the old $30 an hour union jobs which chased US jobs to China. The great economist Scarborough couldn't defend why these jobs are good other than they are better than nothing -- real Hayekian that. No one on the panel made the argument that if pay goes down across the board to competive levels in the global market, then if government doesn't intervene to make sure prices rise, with everything being relative, lower prices will be a good development -- what really matters is what's left over after paying the basic bills, and we shouldn't be afraid of natural, free market deflation.

    There's one area of agreement that I've had with the Morning Joe gang, and that is getting out of Afghanistan. Scarborough and company don't uphold non-interventionism in foreign affairs as a principle, but they sure see the futility of staying in Afghanistan, and they see it correctly as a political war now designed to protect Obama from being the President who faces the consequences of our interventions in that country. Every new death is on Obama's hands.

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