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    On Immigration

    Soon Obama will tackle immigration reform before his momentum fades. Before anyone reading jumps to a conclusion that I'm a conservative shilling for the Republican Party, perhaps you didn't read the side column. I believe, practically, that Republicans will do better in power during the economic troubles we face, but both parties are complicit in creating the problems to start with. Philosophically, I promote a truly free market and non-interventionism in foreign affairs, but with the caveat that we maintain a superior defense system and never hestitate to defend our country. Having said that, if we had a free market and limited government, I would promote open borders, so there would be no immigration issue -- everyone would be welcomed, but no one would be guaranteed assistance if they can't find work. There would be private sector charity and if immigrants come to the country and ask for assistance, they might get a ticket back to their homeland or told to rely on friends and family or community, but they wouldn't receive assistance for our government.

    Since we don't have a free market, Democrats are charged with coming up with a solution that doesn't expand welfare payouts to the point it pushes us over the edge. The Left has implied and in some cases come right out and accused the Right of racism because the Right wants to build a fence and stop illegal immigration. I don't think those on the Right who propose we obey our immigration laws are racists, but let's say that the Left's views are accepted and that the Right has no good solutions. The Left will have to do more that place themselves opposite the racist Right. The Left has to come up with a plan and then get it passed. Media and the Democrats have shamed Republicans, and the Republican establishment is now saying they have to be open and welcoming to hispanics and flexible on the issue of immigration, so Democrats will never have a better opportunity to pass immigration legislation. Obama is also getting pressure from hispanic groups because there was no action the first four years -- Obama actually bragged during his campaign that he has deported more undocumented immigrants than Bush, or something like that.

    But, what can Democrats pass that's not damaging to the economy? There are no jobs for the millions of immigrants who would receive a pass to become citizens. Our government will not allow these families to suffer in dire poverty, so they will humanely receive some kind of assistance. This will likely draw more immigrants from Mexico unless Mexico's economy becomes more growth oriented than it is presently. How will the administration control the number of new immigrants entering the country? Even if the undocumented immigrants who are already here are allowed a path to citizenship, what about the millions who will come in after the legislation is passed? Amnesty is no solution unless you stop the flow of immigrants coming into the country. How is this different than what Republicans have proposed?

    Government will have to pay out more in government assistance which means taxes will be raised again, thus hurting the economy. The only real way to support millions more Americans is booming economic growth, but government interventions are preventing economic growth and immigration reform that allows millions more to receive assistance will create more economic uncertainty as business owners brace themselves for higher taxes. Obama is making a political move by providing a path to citizenship for millions of Democrat voters, but it's economically troubling, from a practical perspective. Now, we have to consider the practical perspective, because if the economy collapses it won't matter who's a citizen and who's not -- we'll all suffer together and fight for what's left. Sounds like a winner.

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