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    Morning Joe 12/18/2012 -- No wasted tragedy

    On Morning Joe today, Mika, Joe, Barnicle, Geist, Meacham, Dan Senor, Eugene Washington, Tom Brokaw and a few others exploited the Sandy Hook tragedy in which 27 people were killed. The bodies are not all in the ground yet, but the Morning Joe crew is using the face of Jack Pinto, the young boy in the baseball outfit, as a face that will help pass legislation. Meacham said something to the effect that presidential leadership is needed to harness the emotion and turn the emotion into legislative action. The Morning Joe crew can hardly contain themselves over this opportunity to exploit the tragedy and to frame silent Republicans (they won't come on Morning Joe!) as complicit in the extreme rightwing resistance to ban dangerous weapons that hold and fire many bullets.

    I'm not a Republican apologist -- I'm not a Republican, and I'm not a Democrat either -- but why does the Morning Joe crew believe that pro-second amendment Republicans should rush to the Morning Joe show and repent? Perhaps these Republicans they're trying to get on Morning Joe don't want to jump emotionally into a political push to make laws at this moment -- perhaps they respect the families of Newtown who are freshly mourning their losses.

    I don't understand all the talk by Scarborough and other Leftists on Morning Joe regarding ideology, that people now have to drop their ideology and come together to support whatever compromise politicians can come up with. What do semi-automatic weapons have to do with ideology when it's framed in terms of limited government ideology? Scarborough talked about his old support in 1994 of "small government" conservatism, but now things have changed and that Burkean/Buckleyean type conservativism is about adjusting to changing realities. It's a confused message. Is Scarborough talking about fringe elements who want ot stockpile assault weapons, or is he talking about compromising limited government principles in favor of statist solutions to social problems?

    On one hand, the Morning Joe crew assured their viewers that they are narrowly referring to a ban on very dangerous weapons that people don't need to hunt with or protect themselves with, but then there was all the talk about changing ideologies and the out-dated nature of limited government principles, then Eugene Washington talking about how any gun ownership is dangerous because it's more likely that a gun in a home will be used for suicide or homicide by a family memeber than to repel a home invader. What is the end game of the Morning Joe crew, the Left, as they push this tragedy emotionally and quickly to the legislative arena?

    It would be good if they at least wait until the bodies are buried. One person from Newtown who was interviewed yesterday said he is concerned with the individuals in Newtown who are suffering, not with the event itself and not with the politics. Yes.

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