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    Morning Joe 12/20/2012 -- No one is serious about spending cuts

    As Joe Scarborough, Al Hunt, Andrea Mitchell, Sam Stein, Mark Halperin and others blamed John Boehner on Morning Joe for the stalled negotiations over our fiscal crisis, none of them mentioned that the spending cuts they say Obama is willing to accept are an illusion.

    I don't know if Boehner is stalling because he knows the spending cuts are bogus, because I haven't heard Boehner propose any serious cuts to entitlements. Entitlements are the problem, yet no one in DC is seriously addressing the problem. How the Morning Joe crew can give Obama props for compromising is not a mystery -- the Leftists on Morning Joe are in the tank for Obama and will obvioulsy say anything to make Obama look good and Boehner look bad, but this is a diversion. Blaming this on Boehner alone misses the point that no one in DC with power to affect change is serious about real spending cuts, now or in the future.

    Obama is determined to raise taxes, but these taxes won't help anything -- they are symbolic, political, not based on economic calculations. Morning Joe shows once again how partisan analysis on Morning Joe is propaganda, not real reporting and not real political analysis.

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