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    Morning Joe 12/27/2012 -- Fiscal BS

    Mike Barnicle and Sam Stein took over for Joe and Mika today, and they talked about a lot of stuff, but the main political talk everywhere is the fiscal cliff and the debt limit. The narrative on the Left is that Tea Party types are putting up obstacles to compromise and this will destroy the GOP, because even businesses are now getting anxious to make a deal. Starbucks has put "Come Together" on their coffee cups. Let's hold hands and get this thing done guys!

    Perhaps large corporations are ready to get taxes passed, because higher taxes will hurt their smaller competitors while the large companies will find ways to avoid the taxes -- however, I doubt small and medium size businesses are eager to pay higher taxes, especially with the expenses of Obamacare coming on line and regulations coming at them from every direction.

    It's amazing that the Left still blames the Tea Party after winning the election and controlling the White House and the Senate. If Democrats wanted a deal, they could put something together that favors their goals and gives a bone or two to the GOP, but Democrats are intent on pushing the GOP into a corner and creating public backlash against Republicans. It's a political game. From what I can tell, the most influential faction of the Tea Party, the limited government faction, wants only to limit government power and deal with the spending problem in DC -- oh, these unreasonable extremists! How can the nation function while government is held hostage by this wild-eyed fanatics?

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