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    Morning Joe 12/3/2012 -- American people: naive or complicit

    On Morning Joe today, early on in the show, the panel, John Meacham, Michael Steele and a few others discussed the negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff. Michael Steele said that the Republicans have to be careful calling Obama's bluff, because Tim Geithner has framed the negotiations in such a clever way that if they "go over the cliff" Republicans will be blamed. According to Steele and other pundits who push this same scenario (they all say Republicans will be blamed) it doesn't matter if Obama is the one who blew up the negotiations, Republicans will be blamed. No one talked about why the public will blame Republicans, but this is probably more important than anything they talked about. More and more Republicans are agreeing with this scenario. It does no good to call them RINOs because it only begs the question, what is a Republican in 2012 -- what do they stand for -- what are Republican principles. One thing is becoming obvious, they are not acting like an opposition party. Steele and a host of other Republicans are acting more like Democratic Party-lite, just as the party has done for the most part for the last 80 or so years. If we can't negotiate because Democrats have captured media and pop culture and fooled a naive public, then there's no opposition to progressivism.

    Steele himself represents one reason why the public will likely blame Republicans. Here is Steele with an opportunity to explain to anyone listening why Republicans, in this case, are not to blame for stalled negotiations, but, instead, Steele takes the Democratic side, giving it legitimacy and warning Republicans to back-down on demands for spending cuts. In fact, the entire panel should look at the dishonesty involved regarding who's to blame and present the facts of the situation with an explanation rather than the political spin. These pundits now talk about political spin and propaganda as if they're legitimate. They obviously see nothing wrong with Obama changing what he campaigned on and offering a progressive plan that not only ignores serious spending cuts, it asks for much more taxing and spending, plus a request for the President to have the ability to raise the debt ceiling whenever he desires -- in other words removing any debt ceiling, which never was a ceiling to start with, but at least they had to pretend to be responsible.

    Do the American people believe media and partisan propaganda? Well, according to the pundits, the American people believe the MSM and the Democratic Party when they put forth false narratives. If pundits like Steele are correct, then Republicans can never win anything in negotiations, not if the public believes Democratic narratives such as what Geithner is offering. All Democrats have to do, according to Steele and others, is put forth a narrative that shows their side of the negotiations in a favorable light and the Republicans in an unfavorable light, and presto, public support shifts to Democrats and Republicans must capitulate. If this is true, then Democrats will achieve permanent majority and get their way at all times. Is this true? Does the public really accept the Democrat's side or are they duped by propaganda? I suppose either way we're screwed.

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