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    Up with Chris Hayes 12/30/2012 -- Tea Party deflation

    Chris Hayes had a substitute this morning, Steve Kornacki, with Jamelle Bouie, Amy Kremer, Maya Wiley, Keith Ellison and some New Hampshire GOP moderate I can't remember as guests. The topics went from fiscal cliff and tax hikes to Tea Party influence in the GOP.

    Let's stipulate that the Tea Party is not one group and Amy Kremer represents that major portion of the Tea Party which concentrates on Constitutional issues of limited government. If I have a criticism of Amy's defense, it's when she says that she's concerned with spending, which is a symptom. The fundamental problem is our unlimited interventionist government, and the fundamental solution is to limit government power. The guests and the host, other than Amy, attempted to associate all wacky rightwingers with the limited government faction of the Tea Party, so they failed to really understand the influence that matters going forward. It would be like associating Hayes's brand of progressivism with  far Left wackos who believe Bush planned 9/11 in order to invade Iraq. MSM will not make these associations on the Left, even though prominent Democrats will equivocate when pressured to condemn the wacky Leftist factions. Holder wouldn't even investigate the Black Panthers when they were accused of blocking voters from voting. I want to make this stipulation because Hayes's substitute host obviously set Amy up to make the associations between the limited government Tea Party group, Romney, the lost election and "far right" extremists -- it was Progressive obscurantism at its best.

    To Amy's credit, she defended herself and the Tea Party well over all. Jamelle Bouie asked Amy what spending cuts she has in mind because Jamelle couldn't think of any cuts that wouldn't hurt the middle class and the poor. Unfortunately, spending cuts necessarily have to hurt the middle class and poor, and this is what statism has brought to American society. Our interventionist government, under Republicans and Democrats, has borrowed, taxed and spent for decades as the State has expanded its power and reach, so now all Americans are put in a position of either ignoring the debt and marching blindly to financial collapse or changing the system of government by limiting the powers it has grabbed through the years. Jamelle is right -- under the present system any cuts will hurt those who can't afford to be hurt. That's statism, and that's the problem, and if the guests and host really want to know what the Tea Party represents and wants, it's to change the system that's hurting the most vulnerable in society and destroying the nation's economy.

    The Up guests wanted to present a narrative of a crazy Republican Party captured by extremist Tea Partiers who want to outlaw abortion, increase assault weapon ownership and keep minorities down, but it just didn't float, and it won't float, except among the true believers on the Left. It's sad that no one wants to deal with real problems in this political battle that will have no winners.

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