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    Morning Joe 12/5/2012 -- Partisan insanity

    Morning Joe was not all that interesting this morning, but one theme is worth noting. Several times it was mentioned that Republicans will be seen as the losers if government goes over the "fiscal cliff". Morning Joe even showed a poll that has 53% blaming Republicans and 27% blaming Democrats if it happens.

    The way these negotiations are talked about suggests that politics have become a sport with the best spinners winning public opinion, with public opinion being the prize. I suppose public opinion is the prize to politicians who are concerned about reelection, but if public opinion and elections are predicated on spin and propaganda, then what's going on in America? I thought the Information Age would liberate Americans from the MSM and local political control, but it appears that Americans are still influenced by major media sources.

    Claire McCaskill and Cokie Roberts were on the show, and they talked openly about the game of politics and who would win based on how media spins the results. If Obama makes unreasonable demands to hike the tax rates to symbolically beat-down Republicans while refusing to offer any serious spendiung cuts, and if Republicans stand tall and demand that serious spending cuts happen while offering Obama a way to raise revenues through elimination of tax deductions, and if this is portrayed in media as Republicans safegaurding the wealth of the top 2%, and if the people believe this spin, then what battle can Republicans ever win? If media can spin any debate or political battle to favor the Democratic Party, and if public opinion is what decides who wins, then Democrats will always win.

    If this is true, we're doomed.

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