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    Morning Joe 12/6/2012 -- When I was in Congress

    On Morning Joe today the crew talked about the fiscal cliff -- it's the only thing media can talk about. Scarborough said that Republicans should compromise with the tax rate hikes and go to 37% or so. John Boehner has said that we can sock it to the rich by closing "loopholes". Everyone is trying to find a way to take more money from the private sector and give it to government. But even with Republicans doing their best to transfer more money from the "rich" to the government, they are still branded as patsies for the 2%. This is what happens when Republicans compromise on principles. It's become obvious, though, that most Republicans have no principles -- they are like Scarborough who did anything necessary to win, and now he brags about it.

    The problem is that the more Republicans do anything to win, the more they lose, because they lose those who are principled, leaving the unprincipled to control government. Why bother, most people think, when both parties now believe that more money should be given to a government that's wasting it as fast as they can. This is not about sticking it to individual rich people that the Left hates and Republicans like Bill Kristol say don't matter, it's about the transferrence of money from the private sector to government. Government will not go directly to the Koch brothers and make them put the 10 million dollars they have under their mattress in suitcases that are then taken to Harlem and passed around. What happens is that money invested smartly in the private sector will be transferred to government where it will be wasted.

    Republicans aren't making this case to the American people. Republicans are using the language of the Left assuring the public that they want to take rich people's money too, just in a different way than Obama wants to take it.

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