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    So, what about Egypt now?


    It's absolutely disgusting and shameful how the Left talked up the Arab Spring when in reality it was obvious to anyone who cared to think about it for it a minute without an agenda that only some other thug would take the place of the US-supported thug who was in charge before the revolution. The link above is an article by Mark Steyn in which he puts his humorous approbium on the whole sordid, hot mess.

    The Left has failed to properly castigate Islamic fundamentalists for their treatment of homosexuals and women, and, in some cases, American Occupiers have allied with Islamic fundamentalists against American values -- who couldn't "like" that?

    At some point, either honest liberals must take a stand for what is right, or we'll have to call liberalism dead and gone. If not dead and gone, liberalism is very sick.

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