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    The compromising moderates who are the smart party

    To follow up on my previous post, on Twitter and on cable news and everywhere pundits are discussing the split in the GOP, moderates are blaming the Tea Party faction, whatever that means, for the party's problems. Moderates say the Tea Party faction is creating the stupid party, and they're using the gun control issue presently to make their case. Moderates claim that if SPer's, for lack of a better term to indentify the Stupid Party faction, resist "sensible" gun control, then they'll render the GOP irrelevant for years to come. Moderates are eager to compromise on large magazines that hold many rounds and on assault rifles, regardless of whether this type of gun control legislation will help or not. Moderates maintain they're wisely looking at the big picture -- who needs a rifle that shoots many rounds quickly? Who needs a big magazine? These are "sensible" questions, and the "sensible" answer moderates give is that no one outside the military or police needs such weapons.

    This gives government more power, as if they need more power, to decide what we need and don't need, which is an odd criterion to use regarding gun control. Practically speaking, gun control will not solve any of the problems gun control advocates claim they want to solve. What will happen is that a gun control agency will form and grow and grow, then it'll justify its existence and expense by producing results, any results -- they'll have to confiscate existing banned weapons and ammunition, then they'll have to police the black market. The agency will have to deal with modifications of rifles and magazines that clever gun owners create to get around the ban. Unclear rules and regulations will come about as a result of myriad attempts to circumvent the law, and these unclear laws will be politicized and used by radicals with extreme agendas. The cost of implementing the bans and gun control measures will soar over time as the bureacracy grows, and there will still be mass murders.

    GOP moderates are concerned with political appearance and party power, not so much with real solutions to mass murders as they claim. Moderates are more concerned with distinguishing themselves from the SPers than they are with what's really "sensible". Moderates are definitely not concerned with issues of liberty. Moderates are willing to sacrifice liberty for a show of safety and political advantage over the limited government faction in government. We should definitely debate the gun control issue, and if government can convince citizens that certain new laws are necessary to protect our basic rights, then have at it, but debate is  not what's happening. What's happening is a power grab presented by a useful crisis.

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