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    Morning Joe 1/15/2013 -- Republican Party captured by extremists

    Scarborough continued his attack on the Republican Party leadership by saying a few more times that the party is captured by extemists. What does this mean? Originally, the extremists were characterized as the radical social conservatives who want to use government intervention to establish their moral codes regarding abortion, pornography, homosexuality, etc. But, the GOP is not captured by social conservatives. I don't see any proposed legislation from social conservatives that's backed by the Republican leadership.

    Scarborough and his No Label comrades, plus the progressive media and Democratic Party, have called the talk radio hosts, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin and others, extremists and have accused GOP leadership of bowing to them, but I see no evidence of this.  No Labels wants GOP leadership to condemn the talk radio conservatives because the Centrists see them as a threat to their power grab in the party, but GOP leadership has no reason to condemn Limbaugh and Beck.

    What has happened is that eveyone outside the GOP Centrist movement has now become the problem, according to Centrists like Scarborough. Scarborough calls himself and his No Labels comrades the true conservatives. The Centrists are also including the limted government, Tea Party-supported conservatives like Rand Paul and Mike Lee in the extremist camp that has "captured" the GOP. I wrote about this yesterday, but listening to Scarborough today, I realize the Centrist message is weak and confusing.

    The Centrists are lumping Tea Party, neocons, social conservatives and fascist-like extremists together and accusing the current GOP leadership of bowing to this group of extremists. If this is the Centrist strategy, it's not a good one. The real battle, when it comes to the principle of liberty and constitutional protection of rights, is between interventionists and non-interventionists, statists and anti-statists, central planners and free marketers, pragmatist meddlers and limited government advocates. The neocons, social conservatives and the Centrists are all fighting over who will gain power to implement their interventionist plans, while the limited government faction is looking for ways to limit government power and get government out of the way. To me, this is the only battle that matters -- I don't want to be controlled by any of these would-be masters and "problem solvers".

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