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    Morning Joe 1/17/2013 -- Do ideas have power?

    On Morning Joe today there was more confusion than clarity, although the players appearing on the show would like viewers to believe they're proferring ideas to affect change. Language and ideas are butchered in the political realm. I saw several Obama supporters yesterday giddy that Obama framed gun control in the language of liberty, thus making a score against the Right. Scarborough and a Leftist guests said Obama had a "good day." What they were giddy about was Obama's statement that Americans have a right to worship without getting shot, referring to the Sikhs who were massacred, and then he said we have the right to peacefully assemble without being shot, referring to the mutiple shootings in mall incidence -- he was relating this all make to Sandy Hook and his gun control plans.

    Obama has misused the concepts of rights, because he goes on to denigrate the individual and individual rights by saying we are all responsible for one one another and that people have the right to worship and assemble, plus society must go further and remove the risk of being shot by a gun while excercising these rights. We can't gaurantee this to one another, of course, but by perverting the concept of basic rights, Obama has expanded the idea of State power to include societal permission for government to take as many weapons as they see fit away from us so that our responsibility is carried out to one another to remove risks of violence as we exercise our rights. If we see the expansion of State power to limit gun ownership as part of our responsibility to protect rights, then the State has control over our right to bear arms, because that right is subordinated to the "right" to excercise rights without risk of being shot. This is what Obama said in so many words. He also said we should do whatever is necessary even if it saves one life. This is a recipe for firm tyranny --not soft, but firm. It's extreme now to mention tyranny, because the left says tyranny can't develop in America. It can and it's happening -- not just under Obama, but for a long time since at least Wilson. Tyranny in America is a slow developing control that's implemented in stages.

    Obama is pushing some kind of collective concept of rights which means that individual rights are subordinated to collective rights (this is nothing new either). This is a sneaky way of destroying rights. There are only individual rights, and once these are destroyed there are no rights for anyone except those in power who claim to protect and manage the "rights" of the collective.

    Scarborough, as usual, was all over the place. Scarborough is pushing the idea that video games and Hollywood are parts of the violence problem. I agree that many of these video games and Hollywood movies are despicable, and any private sector movement to denigrate and boycott the creators of senseless violence is a valid form of protest. However, Scarborough went on to say that he's not calling for a ban on these videos and movies, but that they should be regulated more than they are now. What does this mean? Regulated how, and to whose moral standard? Scarborough then went on to bemoan the fact that Senators are complaining they can't get anything done in DC because of the broken system. Someone on the Morning Joe panel said Reid is making progress on reforming the filibuster. Scarborough said that hopefully the filibuster will be reformed and congress can get things done. Get what done? We have a progressive senate, so likely whatever the senate does with a majority will be more statist regulation of the private sector that further suppresses the economy and further strips our liberties.

    Scarborough and the No Label group are simply Democrats closer to the Center than Progressives, or I gues you could call them Progressives with a Centrist touch, Centrist Progressives, whatever that is. The No Labels crowd is definitely not a part of the limited government/free market faction.

    I will be out of the country for a week -- I will write some if I get the chance, but probably not much.

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