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    Republicans headed in wrong direction

    If Republicans fight only for political power for power's sake, they'll lose. Democrats are the party of Big Government, interventionism, welfare statism, progressivism, redistribution and central planning based on a vague concept of social justice which serves as a justification for command and control, and Republicans cannot win by moving closer to the Democratic, Big Government model.

    Already Democrats are already warning Republicans: they appreciate the bipartisan help, but they know it's a move to save relevancy, not a change of heart, and the sheep's clothing is not fooling anyone. Media will give Rubio, Flake and the rest no credit for immigration reform -- they'll recall Rubio's Tea Party immigration positions that contradict his newfound openness regarding undocumented immigrants. Republicans will be accused of pandering to win elections with the help of Hispanic voters. Democrats and media will use Republican support for immigration reform against the Republicans.

    One angle of attack Democrats might use is that Republicans are capitulating to the Progressive worldview, but they're admitting defeat, so there's no compelling reason to vote for a party that's been wrong all along and caused all this damage to the economy which Democrats are slowly cleaning up and healing. When Republicans feel themselves sucked into the loser's position which admits the Democrats were right all along about interventionist, statist policies, they'll react to gain respect, but then they'll look desperately confused, and Democrats will then say the GOP true colors are showing.

    The immigration reform proposals are political moves to gain votes, but Democrats will get the votes -- all Republicans will get is more division in their party. GOP moderates believe they have the strong hand and that the public wants to see Republicans working with Democrats to get things done. Republican centrists believe they can gain public support by cooperating with Progressives, adding their common sense touches on comprises that will curb Leftist excesses, slowing down the Progressive agenda so that the appearance of prudence and smart conservatism gives them political gravitas. GOP Centrists beleive in the basic statist model -- they just want to slow down the pace of change. We'll collapse a little slower maybe.

    Democrats and media will continue to focus on a few radical Republicans who say crazy things, ignoring Democrats who say crazy things, and Media will lament the fact that Centrist Republicans are hamstrung by their radical base. Media won't highlight Republican compromises or give them credit for any legislative "victories". Besides this, though, is the folly of accepting the premise that Democrats have won because they've captured something important among the electorate.

    Democrats and a large part of the voting public are pushing the nation off a cliff. We're one crisis away from economic collapse, and, once the world loses faith in America, interest rates and debt payments will destroy what's left of our economy. Just because there are demographic changes doesn't mean that Republicans have to follow the Democratic path to greater State power and control. Republicans should convince the voting public that economic freedom is the path to prosperity and escape from poverty. Democrats are setting up Hispanics for suffering -- Democrats are taking advantage of people who've been abused by their country, making promises that can't be kept, and Republicans shouldn't be part of this con game to get more votes and secure power. Government power is no good if it's not used to limit government power and protect private sector freedom.

    We need adults in government who fight to limit government power so that the private sector can create jobs and immigrants can find good work and good pay to build good lives. It's an insult to Hispanics to say we'll help them be our servants and do the farm work Americans won't do at low wages. Republicans should offer a way to integrate immigrants into a free market that they understand and embrace. This political posturing by Republicans to say  - Me too, I want your votes, too - won't work and it shouldn't be tried by representatives who claim to understand limited government and economic freedom.

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