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    Morning Joe 1/3/2013 -- Anti-Statists under attack

    I see a concerted effort among the political class to marginalize Republicans they have couched in the term "extremists". Scarborough and other moderates like Chris Christie pretend to represent low tax, low spend, limited government conservatives, but they are pretenders who are contantly denigrating real limited government conservatives in the GOP by associating them with the few wacky social conservatives in Congress who say crazy things about abortion, guns, immigration, religion and so forth.

    The representatives who really represent limited government principles are few in comparison to establishment types, but they were gaining influence and momentum before the backlash led by moderates like Scarborough, Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Michael Steele, David Frum, David Brooks, Sam McKinnon and others -- then there are neo-con/militaristic types like McCain, Lindsay Graham, Bill Kristol, Peter King, etc. who join the moderates in marginalizing the Rand Paul-type faction of the party. Marco Rubio is a mixture of limited government (on the economic side) and neo-con.

    The Republican Party is in disarray, but it's obvious that the GOP establishment is fighting the limited government faction. Limited government principles frighten statists, because it appears to the statists that they won't be needed if power is limited and the private sector rises to its potential. I will write a post about this later today.

    Scarborough praised Christie's excoriation of John Boehner's short delay in taking up the pork-loaded Sandy Relief bill. Christie has been silent about the pork that was piled on the bill which is the main reason it's been this long coming up -- Christie only wants the money as a feather in his cap. If Chrisite truly wants what is best for his constituents, he will demand that the pork be taken out so it doesn't delay the bill and doesn't waste money and make the process more difficult next time when all the facts come about where the money was spent. Chrisitie should have been yelling over a month ago about the pork-process in Congress that has delayed this bill.

    Scarborough obviously didn't do his homework, because after showing video clips of Christie and Peter King criticizing Boehner and House Republicans -- you know, the extremist House Republicans who have captured Boehner -- King came on the show and said he's had a meeting with Boehner and Cantor and everything is fine, and they will get the 9 billion that is to go directly to relief, then the House will debate the 51 billion that's questionable. King's report made the video of Christie blustering look like a political over-play, ridiculous, really.

    Scarboroug said earlier that the fiscal cliff deal was bad because taxes went up, but that even if taxes can be accepted, there should have been spending cuts as a concession. Scaroborugh talks big about how he would fight for entitlement reform out of one side of his mouth, but when pushed to speak out of the other side he says that changing the entitlement system is politically impossible. In other words, Scarborough would accept higher taxes (he's called for taxes on millionaires&billionaires plenty of times despite his insistence lately that he's against all taxes) in return for meaningless entitlement tweaks that do nothing to address the broken entitlement system. Our fundamental problems with government spending are systemic. Our statist system is set to spend us to collapse, so it means both parties will be tax and spend parties going forward unless the system is changed.

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