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    What has Christie done for New Jersey?

    Ranked nationally at 47th in GDP growth, one can say that the Governor's policies are blocking economic growth, especially when unemployment has been around 9% for a long time, and those who are working aren't seeing their personal income grow -- NJ ranks 44th in the nation in this category.

    Since Christie has been Governmor, property taxes have risen 20%. Christie has blocked coal production and off-shore drilling, while accepting a subsidy deal for off-shore wind power that causes NJ citizens to pay higher energy costs -- this is a hidden tax.

    While moderates love Christie, he's no more than a Republican statist pretending to be a tough fiscal conservative. Unimpressed here. If Christie wins in 2016, the candidate on the Left will present Christie's policies and show how they are basically the same as the Democrat's policies, so why not vote for the actual Democrat for the sake of clarity?

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