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    The Left spins the negative GDP numbers

    One cause for the negative GDP growth given today is a reduction in defense spending, but it's not likely we know how much money is spent on defense since the DoD is not audited. Plus, if our economy is dependent on Defense spending then we have major problems.

    However you look at it, after 6 years of stagnation, to get this report is alarming, yet liberal media outlets are doing their best to make light of it by blaming the bad number on anything but interventions from our statist system of government.

    How many small business owners have to confirm that government interventions are causing economic stagnation before the political class understands that more government interventions are not the answer? Yet, there are even so-called Republicans calling for short-term government spending on job-creation schemes. A job created by government is not a sustainable job, and what we need are sustainable jobs that pay well because there's economic demand the job fulfills. We can't create sustainable economic growth from government spending. If we could, then all future economic problems would be solved -- government would decide how jobs are needed and then create these jobs. Presto!

    If government knows how to do this and didn't do it when they first started "stimulating" the economy, then that's criminal! The truth is that government interventions are hurting the nation, pushing us closer to collapse. Government has to get of the way, stop regulating the economy to negative growth, lower business taxes and capital gains taxes and allow economic freedom to lead us to recovery. The present administration and Democratic Party, and GOP Centrists, too, would rather belly-crawl through a mile of thorny bushes than stop intervening and allow economic freedom and lower business taxes. Sometimes it's as if they're afraid that economic freedom would work and thus make them expendable -- it must be scary when your whole life depends on maintaining the facade that government interventions are economically necessary when in reality they are making the economy worse.

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