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    Morning Joe 1/4/2013 -- Debt and Denial

    After following for a couple of years the political pundits and experts who pontificate and analyze each weekday morning on Morning Joe, one thing has been pretty constant among the guests, and that is  denial of our most fundamental economic problems. Many of these pundits are considered to be among the best and brightest pundits and experts in the political class. These are people who know government, know the culture of DC, and know the issues. Because our culture has been politicized to large extent, there's a political focus that many times ignores economic realities.

    The Morning Joe crew talked about Boehner's problem with that faction of the House the pundits and experts refer to as the extreme faction, but in reality they are the limited government faction who believe they were sent to DC to make changes and stop the reckless spending and power expansion. This faction in the House is blamed for blocking business as usual, but Obama himself said he was going to Washington to stop business as usual. The House GOP limited government faction is considered extreme I guess because they've tried to keep their word regarding changing business as usual, while Obama quickly took up business as usual with vengeance and several creative twists.

    The establishment, the political status quo, the pundits and experts who make their livings off the political status quo, want to maintain the status quo, so when political renegades go against the grain they're seen as rude and ignorant outsiders who've no business upsetting the usual meaningless compromises. Scarborough, and Micheal Steele, who was on this morning, and other GOP moderates who are committed members of the DC political class, have become irritated with the limited government GOP faction because of their diligence holding their ground. To the sophisticated Washington insiders, standing on principles appears naive, stubborn and uncouth -- why, why, it''s ideological! The sophisticated political players in the GOP have learned how to talk like limited government proponents, but act like statists bent on protecting the status quo -- they compromise in ways that allow government to grow while giving the impression they're holding back out of control spending. Curbing the growth of spending is the political game in Washington that politicians use to show how they can be responsible. They propose outlandish spending increases, then pull that number back from outlandish to huge and call it spending cuts.

    Obama has played that game of rhetoric over substance and actions as he's posed as a statesmen above partisan politics who fights for a "balanced" approach. The political media support Obama's rhetoric, as do his operatives like David Axelrod, who was on the show, and Scarborough and Mika nod as Axelrod says Obama has been willing to make the hard decisions to reform entitlements and deal with spending, but has been blocked by Republicans who can't compromise. This is the political game, and, as it's played, economic reality moves along, unchanged by rhetoric, undeterred by denial. 

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