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    Up with Chris Hayes 1/6/2013 -- Perhaps it's bipartisan failure

    On Up with Chris Hayes they often discuss current issues which basically reflect on government failure to wisely handle powers it has assigned to itself or the public has pressured government to handle. Government has its tenacles in practically every area of our lives, yet progressives such as Hayes and many of his guests, although they discuss the government failures, never acknowledge the conclusions which logically flow from the failures they discuss. It's always something like Obama capitulated too soon, or the Republicans blocked the Democrats' plans, or the Democrats have to come up with better plans to bypass Republicans.

    This morning the Up guests talked about Sandy relief and FISA mainly. In both cases the discussion pointed toward a failure in government. Regarding Sandy relief, the President's and FEMA's responses have been slower than the Katrina responses -- then politicians loaded up the relief bill with pork, which delayed the bill -- then Congress waited until the last minute to deal with the so-called Fiscal Cliff, so this delayed the Sandy Relief bill. All along the way, the public and volunteer response to Sandy has been great, but government has been incompetent, politically manipulative and pork-barrell crooked. Yet, Hayes and those whose worldview depends on a powerful State look for blame or excuses or better government solutions. Not one person questioned whether government has to necessarily handle emergencies -- no one offered an innovative solution outside government solutions.

    When the issue switched to FISA, the crew was mystified that the Left is so accepting of this legislation which violates civil liberties. They showed a video clip of Harry Reid excoriating Bush when FISA was Bush-legislation, and then a clip of Reid defending FISA now that it's Obama-legislation. The Up gang wondered if this is caused by security fears, or pressure from defense contractors or fealty to Obama, but none of the crew called it what it is -- power-grabbing by the State. Reid didn't like the bill in 2008 because it gave power to the wrong party, but now he likes the bill because it gives power to the correct, responsible party. FISA is not about security, it's about State power and which party will dominate in executing this State power. FISA will allow the winning party and government as a whole to excercise the necessary control to enhance State power and combat all threats to State power, domestic or foreign.

    The threats don't have to be military threats from foreign contries or revolutionary threats at home, just threats period, and this includes protests, speech and concerted efforts to limit the power of government. FISA is one more weapon for the State to consolidate power and protect power. The public has been convinced that legislation like FISA is necessary because terrorism is still a threat, and that our government will use its new powers wisely. Hayes even said he believes this when it comes to Obama, but he said this in the context of not being fully convinced. Good. That's a start.

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