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    Republican splinters

    First it was No Labels, now this. I understand Beck leaning more libertarian, because he's an affinity for libertarianism for a few years now. It's the moderates I don't understand. Maybe we just need more political parties because the divisions are too deep, but then it might be that the political class as a whole is in dissarray because government is failing. Everyone's looking for scapegoats.

    I have news for Republicans -- the Tea Party is not their problem. The problem is that government as a whole has taken on so much power, the inability of politicians to manage our economy and world as a whole is evident. Presidents were meant to be executives, not rulers, and representatives were meant to represent the people, not become big shot know-it-alls building feifdoms with the public's money. Politicians, for the most part, aren't particularly super-intelligent. Most of our representatives don't possess any extraordinary expert knowledge. One reason the public has such a low opinion of Congress is that Congress people are in over their heads. The President has ready access to capable, intelligent, political professionals, and a President like Obama has the media as his marketing team, so the President can fool the public easier than Congress men and women.

    Right now, the Democratic Party has done the best job of getting the people that do vote to vote for them. Democrats have portrayed their Party as the Party that cares and will fight to protect the ordinary man and woman from the wealthy few who seek total power. But, the political realm has been corrupted with cronyism, so it's all a show. Politicians don't have the ability to manage an economy like the US economy, not to mention the affairs of other countries, but they try once in office. We have given government so much power that when representatives are elected, they think they have to run the country and keep the world safe from threats like terrorism. When they realize what a mess it all is, they become proficient at doubletalk, feather their nests and develope their golden parachutes. The more they intervene and make deals, the worst things become, until we get in a situation like we're in now where each intervention calls forth five more to fix the prior intervention.

    Politicians can't publically admit their limitations and that things are out of control, so they have to find scapegoats. Republicans lost the last election, except in the House, so they are on the hot seat, and since the Tea Party reps are the least experienced in government and want to reform the system, they are the easiest scapegoat, and they are the obvious threat to the status quo. Soon we'll all have to admit that the system is broken and we need a new government, limited and efficient, but, for right now Republicans will fight for power and control of the Party and marginalize the troublemakers.

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