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    Morning Joe 1/9/2013 -- The Good Republicans

    There are Good Republicans in the political class who just want to get along to get things done. Joe Scarborough is a Good Republican -- just ask him. Chris Christie is a Good Republican -- just ask him. The Bad Republicans won't compromise and they don't know how to win. Scarborough said he always wins when he runs for office and that when he decides to run again he will win again, because he knows how to win. Compromise. When Christie came on the show this morning, he was asked why he has a 72% approval rating -- guess what he said -- compromise. That's the key to winning and being liked -- compromise.

    When the Morning Joe crew talked about Chrisite before Christie came on, they said he talks tough, but also talks softly and carries a big stick -- he stands on principles and he compromises -- he stands up to unions and he works with them. Christie is all things to all people -- he's the slate on which you can write what you're looking for in a politican and he will be it. Is New Jersey better off under Christie? That's the wrong question -- look, he compromises when he's not standing against the bad unions and stuff, and that's what it takes to win.

    What exactly should Republicans work on with Democrats that will help the Republican Party become relevant? They didn't say. Chris Matthews was on and he gave Republicans some advice -- talk only about cutting spending. But, it has to be the right spending cuts, said the crew. What cuts? Oh, you know, waste and stuff, then entitlement reform. Democrats are eager to work with Republicans on entitlement reform and spending cuts -- very eager. If you think Republicans have been talking about spending cuts but continue to spend, then you'd be right, but they are the Washington Republicans who aren't enlightened like the New Moderates like Scarborough and Christie who now know the secret -- compromise. Compromise on what? well, here we are again.

    Just remember -- Good Republicans, Bad Republicans -- take your pick. Understand? Okay, let's go get things done.

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