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    So many lies told about Obamacare

    Ted Cruz did the nation a favor by talking in the Senate for 21 hours as an act of resistance to Obamacare. Statist pundits from both parties are now sneering at Cruz, saying he had no plan -- they say he's crazy if he thinks Obama will give up Obamacare. See how we're talking about this?

    Listening to media you'd think Obamacare really belongs to President Obama, and Obama acts as if he owns it. Obama has already made unilateral changes to the law, carving out exemptions for political purposes. Media say that Obama will not give up his "baby". This is absurd.

    The Affordable Care Act was pushed through congress with partisan support and with Harry Reid using gimmicks to get it through. Both the Left and Right dislike ACA. ACA is irrational, mongrel legislation that has already created uncertainty in a weak economy, and now the its implementation will create myriad unintended consequences. ACA is being done to America and Americans, so to say we can't resist it because someone named Barack Obama who currently happens to be President owns it is a ridiculous position to take. America can't be jerked around by one President and a political party bent on destroying the Constitution.

    The political elite act as if a grassroots effort to defund Obamacare is an insult to the King who owns Obamacare. How dare these yahoos question the wisdom of the Great Barack Obama and his loyal Democratic Party? Yes, this is absurd, indeed. The only way ACA supporters can defend the law, now, is by lying, and the lies are growing each day. One big lie is that ACA is creating healthcare coverage for 40 million uninsured Americans. After ACA is fully implemented, 30 million of the 40 million uninsured Americans will remain uninsured. They say ACA will lower costs and increase choice -- it will do neither. It's all pure propaganda, and Americans have to repeal this law.

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