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    Economic hope and change

    As I write about here in a thousand different ways, interventionism is holding back our economy and preventing a new era of economic growth and new wealth creation. We're going through a global economic transition at the very time that US government is hellbent on increasing regulations that harm our economy. ACA interventions are piled on top of EPA and financial regulations to the point natural economic development is rendered impossible.

    There are positive changes and much hope in the global economy as developing countries grow and present new opportunties for the US. Opportunities in technology are greater than they've ever been, yet our interventionist government wastes money on such things as protecting a few large corporations who grow cotton. We need to focus on free trade globally, allowing developing countries to do what they do most efficiently and at lower costs, and a free domestic market so that small and medium size companies can innovate and compete against sluggish big companies that have grown lazy from government protection. With total tax overhaul, regulatory rollback, and private/innovative education offerings, the US could help lead the world to a level of prosperity and peace we can't even imagine.

    I hope it's becoming obvious that re-commitment to Constitutional limits, free trade globally,  economic liberty at home, and peace through strength and non-interventionism are what has to take place rather than government planning and social engineering.

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