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    Morning Joe 2/1/2013 -- Yes, Hagel was bad, but what about Cruz?

    I can hear the pre-show prep for the Morning Joe response to Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearing: Okay, we have to admit that Hagel fell flat, but let's leave the impression that the questions were beneath his intellect and temperament, and that Senators like Ted Cruz are the problem, not Hagel, and that Hagel will be confirmed. Let's do the old balance and switch move.

    But, let's remove this Ted Cruz dodge right now. Scarborough, Mika and others, like Eugene Washington, criticized Cruz and called him a clown for bringing up one of Hagel's responses to a caller when Hagel was on Al Jazeera a while back. Hagel's response can be taken as anti-Israel. Cruz asked Hagel about his response, because one of the concerns regarding the Hagel confirmation is whether he has a bad attitude toward Israel and believes that what he referred to once as the "Israel lobby" intimidates Congress to make bad decisions in favor of Israel. The Morning Joe crew characterized Cruz as a part of the crazy faction of the GOP that's associated with the Tea Party. If you watched the Hagel confirmation process yesterday, you'll realize that Ted Cruz wasn't the problem.

    But let's make something clear. If Ted Cruz is ever in such a confirmation situation, and if Cruz has an interview in his past in which he said something racist-tinged regarding African-Americans in response to a call in, you can bet your sweet arse that the bulk of questions in the confirmation hearing will be about the response to a caller during the interview, and that Morning Joe will cover the response to the caller with florid, full-throated, righteous outrage for a week, if necessary, in order to crucify Cruz.

    Talking about clowns, the clowns that host and the guests that nose-bonk their way through the Morning Joe program on a regular basis are not only clowns but partisan hypocrits of the first order.

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