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    Morning Joe 2/11/2013 -- Medicare and tax hikes

    On Morning Joe today, aside from the discussion regarding the Pope's resignation, the topic during the first segment was related to Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claiming Medicare is not a problem and seeking more tax hikes. Between their denial of Medicare as a problem and their insistence on more taxes, Joe Scarborough believes they're giving Republicans a chance to get back in the game.

    They played a clip of Eric Cantor saying that we can't keep raising taxes every three months -- this is a popular stance among people who are suffering financially and who just found out that their payroll taxes went back up. Also, gas and food prices are rising, or simply staying high. Even those who have jobs are working below their training and education, so even if the proposed tax hikes, achieved through "loophole" closings, apparently effect only the rich, it's not too difficult to figure out that if rich business owners have less money they will need fewer employees, or they won't give any raises. The country is not in the mood for more taxes, even on the rich. Democrats have played the rich card until it's just a tired populist ploy. The American people want economic growth. The change part of Hope and Change has become an endless series of interventions coming out of DC causing anxiety, especially when things seem to stay the same or get worse with each intervention. Obamacare is slowly morphing from a grand government response to rising healthcare costs and lack of access to treatment and coverage into a nightmare of confusion and higher costs -- this is just one example.

    Unfortunately, Centrists and Leftists in goverrnment have convinced a large part of the population that government can create economic growth, although I wonder why people think government hasn't done so already with the trillions spent so far on stimulus schemes. It's a shame that statists have influence over media and that the message sent out 24/7 is government can solve economic problems. As Reagan said, government is the problem, when that government is interventionist, meddling in the economy and spending billions overseas in failed adventures. Even when Republicans talk about spending cuts, this is just talk if the statist system is not dismantled. The political class calls this type of talk extremist, anti-government rhetoric, but it's really pro-government, limited government focused on its core duties that are vital to rule of law and rights/property protection. Government is needed for protection against coercion so that the private sector can go about its business and create economic growth without fear of violence, theft, or forceful takings, but the government we have is using coercion to control the private sector and centrally plan the economy -- we now need protection from the government. We must throw off the statist system and develope a limited government responsive to the protection needs of the private sector. Morning Joe is not talking about this, but it would be helpful if they did -- then I could believe Joe and others like him when they talk about "small" government, and maybe rather than "small" they'll begin talking about a limited government. Yes, it will be helpful.

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