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    Brent Bozell on conservatives, the GOP and Tanenhaus

    Bozell, from this article, quoted Sam Tanenhaus:

    “What the country has seen throughout Barack Obama's presidency so far is a handful of extremely conservative Republicans in the House who oppose everything he does. There seems to be a kind of disrespect or indifference to the notion of majority rule.”

    Bozell then wrote:

    This now goes beyond silly. Is Tanenhaus unaware that the Republicans rule a majority of the House?

    I would take a different position in opposition to Tanenhaus. Yes, thank goodness, there's disrespect for majority rule. Tanenhaus undoubtedly thinks we have a democracy, or should have, and that what the majority says goes. He must believe that the minority should respect and submit to the majority, that the majority rules and that's it. Civil rights would never have prevailed if majority rule had been traditionally respected and unchallenged.

    Of course the minority voice is important in America. If anything it's the minority voice that should always be respected. Tanenhaus is promoting mob rule, even if unintentionally, and this is not what America or our Constitution represent.

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