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    Confused and Bitter Center

    There has been a lot of criticism lately from the Republican Center aimed at what they refer to as the conservative Tea Party base. I'm not part of the conservative movement, but from what I can tell conservatism is divided, not in two, but in three parts or four parts or five. When the Center accuses the base of existing in an echo chamber, this seems confused. Social conservatives are saying one thing, and fiscal conservatives are saying another, and neo cons another, and limited government conservatives yet another, so on and so forth.

    What's really confusing is when the Center says conservatives are in the same echo chamber trap that Democrats were in at one time, before they captured the White House. What? If anyone has paid attention to MSNBC, and MSM in general, or listened to the Leftists online at their blogs, or taken in the lectures of liberal professors at liberal universities, or paid attention to the political ramblings of Leftist Hollywood types, then to say that Democrats were in an echo chamber is to ignore the echo chamber that still exists on the Left. When the GOP Center blames an echo chamber on the Right for the election loss in 2012, then how did the Left win in their echo chamber? The GOP Center just thinks the Democrats have reached the public, because the GOP Center is caught up in the political class delusion that modern liberalism is the nation's status quo worldview. Media really believes this.

    The main reason Obama won the election and Senators did good is that the Democrat's echo chamber brought about more dedicated political commitment from their base, while the Center in the GOP undermined the Republican campaign. The Center is still blaming the base, the Tea party, the "extremists" on the Right who don't want to govern because they have no faith in government, the Centrists tell us. The Center claims Limbaugh and Hannity and Beck ruined the party and thus the Party lost the election.

    The election could have easily gone the other way, so Republican Centrists can stop acting as if Obama won by 75 or 80% of the vote. The Left's echo chamber didn't deliver defeat for the Democrats, so the Centrist critique of the GOP base Republicans aren't unified around a common set of ideas. Some of the ideas had to go, like legislating morality. The morality is fine in a marketplace of ideas, but legislating morality will not be popular with an American people who value their freedom and ability to choose morals. The ideas of fiscal conservatism is good as far as it goes, but spending is a symptom, and fiscal conservatives aren't necessarily fighting for limited government and a free market -- fundamental solutions. The idea of American interventionism overseas, spreading democracy in the mideast, is a neo-con idea that's wearing thin after a decade of war that has made the countries in which we intervened less democratic.

    I'm not sure what ideas drive the Center. The Center mostly denigrates ideology, and tells everyone who will listen that ideology is the party's main problem. The Center promotes a few pragmatic policies that will attract hispanic votes and female votes and young people votes, etc, so that the party can win, baby, win, but win what? and do what? Be a lite-version of the Democratic Party -- hell, why not have the real thing? No, if the Republican Party cannot rally around the basic duties of government and protect the private realm from statist government, then the Republican Party is useless. Who cares who controls the Party if the Party has no principles and stands for nothing but winning?

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