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    Morning Joe 2/21/2013 -- Obama is beating conservatives

    On Morning Joe today, Joe Scarborough, Harold Ford, Mike Barnicle and James Carville talked about the pathetic condition of the Republican Party as compared to Obama's popularity. They had poll results showing Obama winning the battle over public opinion regarding selected issues, like background checks for gun purchases. Who knows how the questions were formed, but Obama wasn't leading by much and definitely didn't have a majority, 41% or so, which means about 60% of Americans don't agree with Obama on these selected issues. This is how the political class is framing everything now -- which team is winning in a battle they've reframed as between Center-Left, the mainstream, and extremists on the Right.

    Government, as usual, is the problem. Centrists like Scarborough blabber incomprehensively about winning, and, as they blame talk show hosts for the lost election and denigrate the likes of Glenn Beck, unfairly associating him with vaginal probes, as Scarborough did this morning, these Centrists become both comical and pathetic. Many pundits now say we're a Center-Left country. This is not a point on a political line from extreme right to extreme left -- no, Center-Left is now an alliance. Centrists from both political parties have allied with the Left to defend the too-powerful State against anti-statists. The Center-Left alliance frames their opponents as radical social conservatives who are anti-immigrants, anti-women rights, anti-assistance for the poor, and so forth, but the Center-Left alliance is afraid of the limited government movement, not social conservatives. Social conservatives lost the social wars long ago, and, despite a few comments from some social conservatives that are obsessed over by media and the Democratic Party, soc-cons have no power in Congress to change laws that have been settled for decades.

    The Center-Left alliance is an old alliance that became stronger after 2010 because the status quo in DC saw a trend that frightened them. The establishment in DC wants to protect the Two-Party game that has served them so well for so long. Scarborough, Ford, Mort Zuckerman and Carville were yucking it up about the past, friendly competition between Republicans and Democrats and how the Democrats were lost in the wilderness before Clinton, then how the Republicans were lost but came back. It's all a game to these guys, and each party has a chance, as long as neither takes it all too seriously. Just wait awhile and the party out of power will come around and get its time in the sun. And as the statist/establishment-types in the two parties play this collegial game, the State expands its power, and debt grows, and the private sector is weakened.

    When a movement formed in 2010 that attacked the statist damage done by both parties, the Center-Left alliance went into action to stop this assault on the Two-Party dominance of government over the private sector. When players like the Pauls gained traction, and when limited government/free market ideas started to spread, the Center-Left alliance understood they had to be stopped, co-opted or destroyed -- it's up to the anti-statists to start playing the game or go home. Trent Lott was one of the first to say the renegade representatives had to be co-opted.

    Scarborough, Carville, Ford and the others praised Chris Christy as the new Republican who can restore the balance of the Two-Party game (of course, they didn't call it a the Two-Party game) and maintain the status quo. The Center-Left alliance is overlooking something, though. The new battle being waged is not just from the anti-statists and against the anti-statists, it's also from the serious Progressives who are looking beyond the Two-Party power sharing game that's existed for so long. The serious Left sees a road to permanent power. It won't be as easy as a popular Christy becoming an acceptable President in the Center-Left alliance. The serious Leftists/Progressives, inspired by Obama, who now see a path to national transformation, will attack Christy and try to destroy him right at the point when the Center has completely capitulated and believe they have a chance for bipartisan cooperation. The Left has never been this close to the Golden Ring, and they will not roll over just to maintain a Center-Left alliance -- they spew the luke-warm Center out of their mouths, because they've tasted something much better.

    It will be interesting.

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