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    Sunday Morning News 

    I watched Hardball and Up with Chris Hayes this morning. Chris Matthews, like most MSNBC hosts, has spent most of his time on each program tearing down Republicans. Chris Hayes is one of the few hosts on MSNBC who goes beyond Republican bashing. I'm not a defender of Republicans, but I do think that most of our fundamental problems originate from both parties in a statist/militaristic system that's constantly empowering the State and destroying our economy and our freedoms. Our society has been politiczed and miltarized to the point that if changes aren't imminent, collapse will be. Although our society can allow government to continue beating down our economy, pushing the day of reckoning to another generation, it's a crap shoot when the whole house of cards (!) falls down. It's shameful that we continue to put off dealing with our problems.

    Hardball and Chris Matthews represent, consciously or unconsciously, State propaganda and narrative building which keep the nation divided politically while the State expands its control. The political battle is stoked constantly by media, pundits, intellectuals looking for niches in the realm of political power, the President, party operatives, on and on throughout the political class. The public hasn't completely caught on, but many are waking up and condemning government in general, even if they still balk on matters of national security and patriotism.

    Chris Hayes represents the progressive narratives, and how the current progresssive mindset is built on faith in government interventions, technocratic solutions which are coercive even if Cass Sustein tried to convince us it's more like nudging the people for the good of the collective. Hayes talked this morning about sequestration and then cyber-security concerns. The sequestration battle is another diversion that appears to be important government work, but actually reveals how our system is leading us to collapse. Before talking about the sequestration, Hayes had a panel discussion regarding media dissatisfaction with access to the President, especially when he played golf with Tiger Woods. This is all silliness but it reflects our unhealthy obsession with Presidents. It's worse than Britain's obsession with the Royals, because the Royals don't have the power we've stupidly given Presidents.

    Concerning cyber-security, it appears to be another State ploy to expand power. One guest on Up with Chris Hayes said we need better systems to block hackers, but this is already happening in the private sector. The problem is that we can't trust our government to level with us.

    On one hand we have Progressive intellectuals explaining the necessity of an interventionist government that might have to violate individual rights and the Constitution for the welfare of the collective, then on the other hand we witness the economy destroying activity that emanates from government interventions and expansion of State power and control. The State power players will naturally think that political and military power are primary in a dangerous, complex world, but as the Soviet Union discovered, when political power and military power are primary and the economy is sacrificed to politics and miltarism, countries collapse.

    We can discuss spending cuts vs infrastructure investments, but it's all moot unless we make systemic changes to our government, end the mideast madness, and begin freeing up the private sector to heal the economy. The realist and the sophisticates will sniff haughtily at my idealistic ramblings, and if they're feeling generous will attempt to teach me about political realities, but all I have to say is that if the the statist/militartistic system is not changed, can't be changed, then we can't survive. If that's the verdict, then so be it, we'll all get together during the rebuilding, if we aren't under marshall law.

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